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by Joanne on January 14, 2010

Latest and greatest health news:  Consuming apples and apple products might improve brain health and help diminish symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  Nine published studies reaffirm this news.  Apple juice helps reduce oxidation effects and helps to maintain healthy cognitive brain function.  I love apples.   I’m not quite sure they’ve helped my brain function though.  Some would tell you otherwise. 


The summary of the workouts this week, so far. Did she do it?  Yes she did because on this new program I’m following for 18 weeks, I am already at mid level but due to laziness and fear of injury with the increased running, I’m beginning at week 2 which went like this:

    • Mon:  Chest and biceps (30 minutes).  A 6.8 mile run (broken into 1/2 before workout and 1/2 after  – outside with Shane).
    • Tues:  Legs (UGG!) – 30 minutes.  30 minutes cross training (Elliptical or Rower).  50 minute walk with Shane.
    • Wed:  50 minute run on T/M. 25 minutes Back and Tricep weight training.  44 minute walk with Shane.
    • Thurs: Shoulders for 30 minutes.  30 minutes cross training.  3.52 mile run with Shane.
    • Fri:  60 minute walk with Shane worked out to be 4.26 miles 
    • Sat:  7 mile run – planned
    • Sun:  Long walk with Ted and Shane unless it’s really cold then it will just be Shane and myself so we can run a bit to keep warm. planned

Since we are having a January thaw, there is no reason to not run the 7 miles.  Sunday activity is what I have been doing for months so no biggy.  As for the rest of the program, more on that later.

My New Years Resolution was to at least run 1500 miles for 2010.  So I’m ramping up the running right away.  I hope to run longer races but not pushing myself on that goal, just the increased mileage for now.   I got so much inspiration from reading Caitlin’s blog,  Healthy Tipping Point , her successful running of the Disney Marathon, and many others I’ve been following lately, that I really think increasing my mileage for the total year is now doable.  I’ll have to keep reading all your great blogs!  So if you’re a runner, or you have some motivational exercise tips for me, leave me a comment and let me know your blog url OR….just leave me some motivational tips. Every little bit helps!

When you have hard workouts, your body requires adequate fuel to keep going as well as protein to help those muscles keep pumping.  I found the perfect fuel:

Acaiberryblast   From Rainbow Light, this drink keeps me going with stimulant free herbs.  It provides 15 grams of protein for my early morning workout which is SO important after a long nights fast. 

Since I never burned out during my workouts, I never thought I needed to eat anything until after returning from the gym.  When Ted and I worked with professional body building trainers for over a year, they made it clear that I had to fuel my workouts.  With Ted, it was obvious he needed food by way of carbohydrates.  He almost fainted a few times.  As for me, I just kept going but wasn’t putting on muscle.  When I added the pre-workout protein, I quickly saw and felt fantastic results.   My muscles became more defined and I felt a lot better later in the day. 

The bottom line:  Don’t deprive your body of much needed fuel.  If you skip meals, your metabolism will compensate for the lack of fuel by slowing down. 

This is what my diet looks like  – just about identical EVERY DAY (okay – so I’m boring!):

Cream of Rice ingredient

Breakfast Monday through Friday:  1/4 cup Dry Oatmeal cooked with 1 TBS raisins and water. I will add 1 tsp of peanut butter OR 1/3 of a banana sometimes.   I add either 1/2 an orange or 1/2 a grapefruit or a small apple.  My protein is  whey (one of the few non-vegetarian choices I make).  At least 24 grams of protein per scoop. No fat in the protein.  I mix it in the blender with ice, water and berries (the seeds can be annoying).  I add 1 TBS peanut butter sometimes.   My supplements are EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids – because I eat so little fat in my diet), BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids – to provide complete proteins to my diet), and a Daily Vitamin.Breakfast on the weekends is a huge vegetable omelet with Feta cheese.  1 cup of EggBeaters or Whites.Mid Morning Snack:  1/2 cup No Fat Greek Yogurt with 1 1/2 TBS nuts and raisins.Lunch Monday through Friday:  Large spinach salad with all sorts of added veggies by way of cherry tomatoes, radishes, red peppers, broccoli slaw…and dressing.  I add either 1/4 cup cooked brown rice or chick peas.  I add 1 serving of Vegetable protein or fish.Lunch on the weekends – I eat what ever is left over and very often it will be the same huge salad as during the week.

Mid Day Snack:   After lunch I have 2 chocolate covered Altoids, sometimes a hard sugar free candy, and most often, nibble on a protein bar through out the afternoon – breaking off pieces as time goes on.

I nibble on nuts and dried fruit as well – throughout the day.

Dinner Most Days:    Anything healthy (no meat), low in fat, limited starchy carbohydrates (try to eat the majority of my carbs before 1pm), and lots and lots of vegetables.

Friday and the weekends are for wine, bread, and more food fun.  Basically – what ever my little heart desires. 

Is my diet a healthy diet?  It works for me. I rarely get sick and I feel good.

Do you eat basically the same thing every day or do you like a lot of variety?

Giveaway Reminder:  Clean Food by Terry Walters – Great resource. I’ll send it to you if your comment is chosen. Click HERE to leave a comment and Good Luck!


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  • At 2010.01.15 14:52, Husband said:

    I want to comment about your TV room construction. Once painted and the items are back on the wall, it will look so good, you’ll want to give your husband all the loving he deserves. We know he works hard to keep things looking good and in working order. Take the rowing machine for instance, it was fixed in the same day. Husbands are so important they should not be overlooked or taken for granted. We know the wife thinks they are the center of the universe but its the husband that puts the universe on his shoulders and keeps it spinning. You know like Mr. Universe.

    Signing off.

    • At 2010.01.15 15:32, Joanne said:

      I know who you are, Anon (aka TED!). My hubby does work hard and I love him very much. Although I’m not quite sure about the Mr. Universe thing!

      • At 2010.01.15 15:51, Lori (Finding Radiance) said:

        Thank you for stopping by my blog! You know, we probably don’t live all that far apart. I’m near Glens Falls. I made a goal to run at least 750 miles this year – we can do it!

        I like some variety, but I tend to rotate the same breakfasts and lunches in and out (because I love them). Dinner is usually the meal where there is more variety.

        • At 2010.01.15 18:27, kilax said:

          LOL @ “Husband”

          Isn’t reading all of those running blogs great? Especially when they run races – it always gets me motivated. I have all of my faves listed under the running blogroll on my site.

          I do tend to eat the same for breakfast each day, and sometimes lunch but other than that I rotate different meals 🙂 I guess I like SOME variety. My snacks are always the same though!

          • At 2010.01.15 21:36, Hannah said:

            Hey, an apple a day, right? 🙂

            I tend to eat really differently every day, since I love trying out and writing new recipes. However, breakfast is a non-negotiable- I NEED my steel cut oats and cup of coffee in the morning to function!

            • At 2010.01.16 18:04, Joanne said:

              Lori: Great encouragement. Glens Falls…I think you are 2 hours away (close to Albany?).

              Kilax: Same here. A variety at dinner is all I need.

              Hannah: That’s a great breakfast habit: steel cut oats and coffee! i’m with you!

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