CEimB: (Spinach), Caramelized Onion, and Goat Cheese Pizza

by Joanne on January 14, 2010

Hey Guys!  I made the Foodbuzz TOP 9 today.  Check it out:  FOODBUZZ TOP 9  – Make sure to BUZZ my Chiles Rellenos!  THANKS!

Have you ever tried putting your camera in your fridge?  It’s kind of neat.  You get to see what the food sees as you peer in looking for something good to eat.. just a thought.  Obviously I was playing with my new camera.  I don’t quite have the settings where I want them so the photos in this post might seem a little “off”.  As you might think I am, trying to take a photograph from inside the fridge. 

This week the group is making Ellie Krieger’s “Arugula, Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Pizza” found on page 173 of our book: The Food You Crave.  This pick was made by Maria of “Half Meat Ball Half Matzoh Ball Children”   Make sure to visit her site to see her wrap up of this super, duper recipe.


Not sure if anyone else noticed but the recipe on line is different than the recipe in our book. e.g.  4 cups Arugula vs 3 cups on line.  Cook the onions on medium heat in the book, yet online, it says very LOW heat.  Just an observation.

This recipe worked in wonderful ways:  First – it fueled my morning workout.  Not sure why maybe more carbs than usual in the Low Carb Tortillas.  Second – it received rave reviews.  Easy.  Quick.  A family pleaser. 

The following is the Apple Crumbles version of Ellie’s recipe because I forgot to look at what I needed on Saturday (or was is Sunday????)  when I went grocery shopping.

  • 1 TBS olive oil
  • 1 red onion, sliced
  • 4 cups Baby Spinach – coarsely chopped
  • 1 cup sliced mushrooms
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 whole wheat – low carb 6” tortillas and 1 Brown Rice tortillas, Wheat & Gluten Free, 10” *Nutritional differences below  DSC00003
  • 4 oz goat cheese (always have goat cheese in the fridge – never have reduced fat goat cheese)*Nutrition below  DSC00008

I followed the directions:  Preheat the oven to 400 F. Sauté the onion in oil over medium- low heat for about 14 minutes *I went in between both recipes.   Gosh! those onions smell so good!  Raise heat to medium and add the spinach. Cook 1 minute. Add the mushrooms and salt and pepper, cook for 30 seconds. Remove from heat.

Put tortillas on a foil lined cookie sheet and top with the onion/spinach mix. Crumble on the goat cheese.   Stop here a minute. “CRUMBLE?! Was anyone else able to “CRUMBLE” their goat cheese?  Mine ended up all over my hands.  I had to force it off me like a leech. DSC00011 The veins in my hands were popping out in frustration. Not really – I’m just a veiny person (kind of gross but hey…I am what I am     )     …. and bake for 10 minutes.  Cook 5 minutes and cut into triangles.  

There are so few ingredients but so much flavor. This was a super pick Maria!  We have ZERO left overs! 

Whole Wheat Low Carb 6” Tortilla (36g):  50 calories 15 from fat.  Total fat 2g. Sodium 210 mg. Carbs 10 g. Fiber 7 g Sugar 0g. Protein 5g.

Brown Rice 10” Tortilla (57g): 130 calories 25 from fat. Total fat 2.5 g.  Sodium 160 mg. Carbs 24g. Fiber 2 g. Sugar 0g. Protein 2g.  The brown rice tortilla was crispier, even in the middle where the topping was, than the whole wheat tortilla.

Cevrion Goat Cheese:  1 oz serving 50 calories. 40 from fat. Total fat 3.5 g. Sodium 100mg. Protein: 3 g.


We’re having the paneling ripped off the wall in the TV room.  It should brighten the room up a bit PLUS get rid of that ancient paneling.  The room is a mess. The contractors had to put sheet rock up which is always a dust maker.  The sofa and chairs are all over the place and we have no wall clock.   Sitting in the dining room staring into a room with stripped walls is depressing.  Don’t you just hate it when the house is in a mess? 


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  • At 2010.01.14 08:00, pamela said:

    Cute pic of you taken by the fridge! Those types of pictures will probably be popping up all over now! I think this one is going to become a regular in my lunch rotation. Next time, I will try it with spinach. Had mine with a little reduced fat feta and LOVED it.

    Good luck with your renovation in your living room. We are starting work (slowly) on a bathroom and I’m getting a little nervous about me and my 2 boys using it while it’s a mess. And we are also toying with the idea of a kitchen remodel. EXTREMELY anxious about what happens around here when that ball gets rolling!

    • At 2010.01.14 08:09, Joanne said:

      Thanks Pamela: It seems we look forward to renovations then whey they begin, it’s a nightmare. Patience is a must and I’m trying to have it.

      • At 2010.01.14 09:15, Lauryn said:

        Your pizza looks great!! This is one of my favorites from Ellie so far!! As for the remodeling…just focus on how happy you will be when it’s all done!!! 🙂

        • At 2010.01.14 09:26, Marthe said:

          Absolutely loved this one!! Will make it again in the very near future!

          Avatar is truely amazing, fortunately here in The Netherlands we have 15-minute breaks halfway through the movies: the perfect time to get a soda or some popcorn and get some time off your but 😉

          • At 2010.01.14 09:46, Joanne said:

            Lauryn: Thanks. After the walls are done, then we (hopefully!) get started on the wood floor and the carpets. If they ever offer what we want at a lower cost. Playing the bartering game.
            Marthe: Interesting about the breaks. I guess I could get up and walk around but, unlike at home when I can stretch and STILL watch the movie – can’t do that in the theater. But Avatar is 3D so it would def. lose something at home.

            • At 2010.01.14 09:47, Dawn Hutchins said:

              Congrats on the foodbuzz!!!! And I love the pizza. We occasionally go out for pizza and always get the caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza. Such a great combo of flavors.

              • At 2010.01.14 13:00, Jessica said:

                I have veiny hands & my goat cheese didn’t really crumble, either. I love your version of these pizzas and I’m glad that they were a hit in your house. Good luck with your renovation, and congratulations on Food Buzz!

                • At 2010.01.14 14:00, Kayte said:

                  Love the frig photo, how creative is that?! I just finished making, eating, and posting this and it was a winner! Wow, really good, really simple, definitely a do-over. Maybe for dinner tonight as the guys all have meetings. Yep, goat cheese smooshes and sticks, so I used 2 spoons as goat cheese and I have had issues before. Your pizzas look absolutely wonderful. Hope your drywall gets up soon and you are back in your dust-free home nice and cozy to wait out this winter!

                  • At 2010.01.14 18:33, Margaret said:

                    Pictures ala Alton B. LOVE it.

                    And loved this pizza. Really different. May try with spinach. Don’t always have arugula but always have spinach.

                    Redid living room few years back. Real mess, but end result was worth it. Hang in!

                    • At 2010.01.15 07:14, Natashya said:

                      I have noticed that the online versions of recipes are quite often different too.
                      The pizzas look great!

                      • At 2010.01.16 15:56, Cristella said:

                        never knew how much I detested dust until we went thru our own remodeling…my best to you and your patience. You’ll certainly will enjoy your runs simply to escape it. Best wishes to you and especially your contractor…for a speedy completion.

                        • At 2010.01.18 04:01, Maria said:

                          Your pizza looks wonderful!
                          I actually had to cut my goat cheese…….no crumbling possible….=))
                          This is a very under-rated recipe….I have to make it more and try some variations.
                          Thanks for cooking with me this week.
                          I always enjoy your blog!

                          • At 2010.01.19 17:27, Liz said:

                            LOVE the in the fridge picture!! As soon as I saw it, I was thinking of Alton Brown 🙂

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