On a Snowy Morning

by Joanne on January 13, 2010

Sometimes, when you can’t get away from it, you just have to enjoy it. 

The best time to enjoy the cold and the snow is very early in the morning before the cars begin rushing past on their way to work and the streets come alive with activity. 


In the very early morning hours, you may see one or two people shoveling snow from their driveways or sidewalks.  You might even see the bagel delivery van at the college.  But you won’t smell exhaust fumes.  You won’t hear loud voices.  You won’t hear screeching tires. 

You will hear your self breathing. You’ll pay attention to your foot fall as it crunches in the snow.  You may have a conversation with your dog, who listens intently to every word.  In the distance, you can hear the early morning train, it’s a haunting sound, so low, foreboding.


The streets are clear. The snow is soft. There is no ice to slip on. 

When you get home, you peruse the yard for deer or maybe a fox.DSCN2494

Then you let the dog off the leash, pick up his toy and toss it a few times, both of you taking in the crisp, clean, fresh air. 


My hands are cold now and it’s getting late.  Shane has to eat. I have to wash my hair and the perspiration off my skin.  The aerobic workout. The weight training. The walking.  It all came together for a good feeling of accomplishment and an even better feeling when all that hard work is washed off and food is consumed to feed those tired muscles.


All in a mornings work. Live life to the fullest. You will only have the opportunity to make the best of each passing moment.

What do you think about when you exercise? Do you listen to music?  Watch people at the gym? 

Today’s accomplishment:  50 minute run. 25 minutes of back and triceps with weights.  44 minute walk/jog with Shane. 

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  • At 2010.01.13 10:07, Dawn Hutchins said:

    What a pretty morning! I’m impressed with the 50 minute run. I bet Shane loved it. My dogs are getting so much older now they can’t run with me very far. I just let my mind wander when I’m doing cardio and listen to music sometimes. I don’t need it though. I like to also watch people but when I’m doing yoga I focus on what I’m doing, the “energy” as my yoga teacher calls it(aka. pain hehee) and the alignment which is why I love it. I get to not think of anything for 60 to 90 minutes.

    • At 2010.01.13 13:43, Sara Tea said:

      Such a beautiful post. I’m very glad to have found your blog. The New Year always brings the greatest sensation, a fresh start. I hope I can keep up my New Years ambition, and reading that you are going to run 50 mins in the snowy weather is just what I needed to hear. Thanks so much.

      p.s., I love your pup! My best friend’s husband is a k9 officer, your shepherd and sonya could be twins!

      • At 2010.01.13 13:45, Joanne said:

        Dawn: Focus is key to yoga, especially when doing some of the more difficult asanas. As for running and other aerobics, it’s nice to watch people or get lost in your own thoughts and escape.

        Sara Tea: Thanks. I’ll send your comp. to Shane. He gets a lot of them.

        • At 2010.01.13 17:36, kilax said:

          I love the snow when I am all alone!

          My mind is all over the place when I exercise. If I listen to podcasts, I kind of think about that, but if I listen to music, my mind just wanders. I usually don’t listen to anything when I strength train, so I can focus on that, but sometimes I break that rule 😉

          • At 2010.01.13 18:37, Gera @ Sweets Foods Blog said:

            It’s good to see all this snow in my hot days here 😉
            I like listening electronic music like at the races…at least for a moment… 😀
            Good workout!!



            • At 2010.01.13 20:45, Cristella said:

              Down in Naples Fl, I am not use to the cold weather we have had for the past 9 or so days…looking at your pictures makes me appreciate what frost we do see on our grass and know that by Friday I can wear my sandals again. I listen to varying music on my ipod…but I’ve come to like the days that its not charged I listen to my breathing pattern, which reminds me to breath! Gives me an opportunity to run thru my day’s events, time to pray, give thanks and mentally prepare for the next day. If I am at the local gym then I do make myself listen to the ipod to tune everyone else out but at home I prefer no music. Today was a treat to work out at home, hubby’s turn to take kids to library and I had full 90 minutes (60 minutes cardio run/walk on TM & 30 minutes strength training, arms,back and abs) 🙂

              • At 2010.01.13 20:52, Joanne said:

                Kilax, Gera, Cristella: Before running with Shane, I used to run with my ipod. I’d down load audio books that would teach something. I actually down loaded the Bible and listened to it all the way through while running.
                When I went to the public gym, I would be too consumed in watching people to listen to music. But, like you, when strength training or yoga, it’s all focus on what you’re doing. That’s the safe way. Thanks for your comments!

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