The Eagles Have Landed

by Joanne on January 5, 2010

We’re home.  It was a long drive and we stopped overnight in Hazleton, PA.  We had planned an easy trip home and when it began to snow, we decided that was our sign to call it a night.

The road food was the same:  apple,DSCN2409banana,  DSCN2413 lots of Starbucks coffee, DSCN2415 and Dunkin Donuts Egg white Flat bread sammy. 

We stopped for a late lunch and had simply salads and/or wraps.  Dinner was at Damons Grill after we stopped for the night.  Ted enjoyed the fish fry  DSCN2433 and I enjoyed the grilled salmon with two different sauces:  Thai Chili and Bourbon BBQ

DSCN2434 DSCN2436 Of course I left a little salmon for Shane to enjoy with his meal.  Oh yes…we were in a “pet friendly” hotel.  We were even allowed to bring him in the elevator although thought better of it since we couldn’t imagine the faces of anyone when the doors opened and they looked eye to eye with a nervous, shocked German Shepherd.  We kind of chuckled about the thought but then found stairs and doors to go in and out of with the Shane man.

When we finally got home at noon (we dilly dallied this morning so it took us a while to drive home), there was TONS of laundry to do. Shopping to do.  Lunch to eat.

Shane and I went for a 3 mile walk then I ran out to pick up some floor samples for redoing three rooms in our house. 

Ted was done with work and he declared “Time to work out”.  So it was. 

In the gym we all went (Shane as well).  I made my workout interesting by doing 5 minutes on the Elliptical then resistance/weight training. It went like this:


5 min. ET + 15 reps walking lunges. 5 min. ET + 15 reps squats. 5 min ET + Chest press. 5 min. ET + Bicep curls. 5 min ET + Shoulder presses. 5 min. ET + Lateral pull downs. 5 min ET + tricep press. 5 min. ET + 15 sets leg raises for the ABs.   40 min. total ET. 

I’m trying to decide if that’s the workout I want to finish the week out with.  Tomorrow I may do 5 min. breaks of running on the TM coupled with the weights/resistance.  I’ll decide when 4AM comes around.

Now it’s off to cook up some fresh haddock and steam some broccoli.  Not very exciting after what we have been enjoying but, well….it’s healthy.


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