A Birthday in South Carolina

by Joanne on January 2, 2010

The time is flying.  It’s January 2nd and that means we have a birthday to celebrate.  It’s my mother’s birthday.  Go Mum!!!   The day flew past. 

Today was a walking day with Shane.  We ran the past couple of mornings and since both Ted and I went to bed at a descent hour last night, I thought it would be safe to wake Ted up and get him out the door and walking with Shane and I.   The three of us went around the plantation for 4.2 miles.  It was COLD!  I didn’t have my windy, cold winter weather walking clothes with me so I got pretty frosty.

I made steel cut oats with raisins and a banana for Dad, Ted, and myself.  Mum, meanwhile, opened her gifts from Dad, Ted and myself.  Then it was out the door and to the mall.

Mum in a flurry picking out another gift from Ted and I…


We went back to the book store to meet up with Ted and Dad.  Dad made the best of Mum’s birthday by using his gift card from his birthday which was on Christmas day.



It was now 12:30 pm and time to go for lunch.  Mum chose “True Blue” because they make her tea just right:  Tea bag in the pot, pour the hot water in to let it steep, bring it to the table and serve it with milk not cream.


The view from our table..


Ted ordered the most wonderful clam chowder.  It was so chunky with more clams than potatoes or anything else.  The flavor was sweet with just the right amount of pepper. Oh it was good!


Back tracking a day … Mum and I did a taste test of some Chai tea she received in a gift basket.

The first was Chai Serenity Tea:  Green Tea

DSC_2865 It tasted like Birds Eye Custard in a mug.

We then tasted the Chai Serenity Tea: Spiced

DSC_2866 It smelled very spicy but then nothing but sugar on the tongue.  Oh well, it was fun, but at 150 empty calories per 6 oz mug full, 30 g of fat and nothing else, it wasn’t worth the sipping lack of pleasure.

Following shopping and lunch, we went home where I started dinner for the night.  See what we had Sunday when I post the “CNYEats Taste of Utica” weekly meal.

We then went to see a great movie:  “Sherlock Holmes”.  It was a terrific movie and completely free of swearing and sex.  I’m not a prude but I really prefer a good story and not one that the film maker has tried to “enhance” by sex, violence, and a lot of swearing.  I don’t know why they think we need that?????

The other days, when it was a bit warmer, we took Shane to the school, found our way in behind the locked fence and played frisbee

DSC_2891 We take daily afternoon walks to the Marina



Even though it is cold in Pawley’s Island today and not expected to get any warmer tomorrow, it is still nice to take this short hiatus from the snow and weather in the teens.  Being with Mum and Dad is always an enjoyment. 

Ted has found a book to read by James Patterson.  Here’s a secret, it is in large print (my mother orders large print books) and he’s loving it ).

I’ve been doing some yoga to relieve my stiff neck “Kripalu Yoga: Dynamic”  with Stephen Cope. 

Kripaluyoga The floor postures were helpful…that is until Shane came into the room and completely took any relaxation or posture flow benefit from my practice.

I have a nose that has become drippy and suffer an occasional sneeze.  It can’t be a cold coming on …. I haven’t had a cold in 2 or 3 years.  I don’t get sick so I refuse to believe this is anything but a bad dust ball up my left nostril.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.  In the meantime, I’ll go get a tissue and say ta ta for now.


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  • At 2010.01.03 09:06, kilax said:

    Happy Belated Birthday to your mom! 🙂 What a fun lunch.

    Another couple told us Sherlock Holmes was good. I am surprised! I may have to put it in my Netflix queue.

    Hope you aren’t getting sick! My poor husband is sick. I woke up with him each time he got up with a coughing fit last night 🙁

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