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by Joanne on December 31, 2009

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First morning waking up in South Carolina.  Even though we went to bed at 12 AM after visiting a bit with Mum and Dad after our arrival at 10 pm, Shane and I were up at 6:20 to go for a 4 mile run around Heritage Plantation.  It was 46 degrees, a bit wet from last nights rain, but perfect running weather.  Apart from an older gent who had LOUD GAS (he was picking up his newspaper and didn’t know we were there – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)  and totally scared Shane and I across the street, the run was uneventful and free from crocs alligators*.  *I’m always afraid a crocodile alligator will come out at us when we are running around the plantation in the dark

About yesterdays trip and road food…..  What food do you pack when you go on long trips?

At 5:20 AM the three of us were in the car and on our way South.  It was snowing very lightly and the start was slow and careful along route 8 toward Binghamton.  Binghamton is our entrance to route 81 and eventually 95 South.  It’s a long trip, 14 or more hours depending on the traffic. 

We started making good time because the GPS took us through Baltimore.

Shane was very relaxed and didn’t make a noise the entire trip.

We didn’t pack any particular meal food, just snacks. We began with an apple each at about 6:30 am. Then waited until our first stop at 8:30 am to enjoy breakfast of Dunkin Donuts coffee and an Egg white Flat Bread Samy:

We enjoyed some strawberries and split an orange at about 10:30 am.

We had nuts and dried fruit to munch on during the course of the entire trip

We hit horrible traffic coming out of Baltimore and between Washington and Richmond. It slowed us down tremendously and now we weren’t making very good time. After the traffic broke up a bit and we were on the other side of Richmond, it was about 3:30 pm and we were done eating fruit. We had eaten our last banana (1/2 each) after giving up on getting any lunch around 1pm…

Lunch stop at 3:30 pm was Ruby Tuesdays:The menu offered an Asian Spinach Salad with Salmon. I had the peanut dressing on the side because I preferred oil and vinegar. I simply dipped the ends of my fork into the dressing with each bite after using oil and vinegar and that way I didn't eat too much of the high calorie, sugar laden dressing. The salad had spinach,chopped salmon (I don’t know why they chopped the salmon like that – terrible!), chopped eggs (yuck-O!), edamame (YUM!), cucumbers, carrots. I was hungry so it went down the hatch but not in the most enjoyable manner.

After lunch, I put in my driving time so Ted could rest his eyes.  We finally pulled into Mum and Dad’s at about 10 pm.  All three of us were very wide awake which was really unusual since we’re usually done in after driving all day.  We chatted with Mum and Dad then hit the hay at 12. 

As for today, well, as you can see, there is no CEimB but I am going to make the “Lemon Icebox Bars” with whatever Mum has on hand so it will vary quite considerably from Ellies recipe.  Look for it! 

I’m blogging from Litchfield Plantation since Dad’s wireless network doesn’t seem compatible with my computer (he as something recommended by Apple).

As for tonight, Ted and I are going to “Tommy Bahamas” for the dinner, champagne and New Years festivities.  What fun!  

So to you, best wishes for a Happy New Year and I’ll give you the “low down” from the “Low Country” tomorrow… see ya!


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  • At 2009.12.31 16:15, kilax said:

    What a long trip! Yikes! We also pack fruit, and trail mix and dry cereals. I hate stopping to eat food at restaurants… sometimes you have to though!

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