Heading Out to Warmer Weather

by Joanne on December 29, 2009

We are packing our bags and getting ready for some SC sunshine. Yahooey!

Lets make a comparison:

   image image

Well, it’s not perfect, but the 39 degrees over the 3 degrees is a definite attraction in my book.

I knew it was going to be super windy and cold this morning so I did 25 minutes on the ET and a 10 minute fast run on the TM.  Add the 30 minutes of weight work out (legs and shoulders) and this morning turned out to be pretty productive.  Shane and I walked 3.2 miles.  It wasn’t a fast pace but it was tough. We walked against the wind and the snow was deep in places. It felt like I was still having a leg workout!     What a difference from Sunday when I over dressed and got super warm. Phew!

There was no time to take a shot of a really great breakfast: steel cut oats with 1/4 banana, raisins, 1 tsp natural peanut butter and then a VPX Protein shake with blueberries and raspberriesHalf a grapefruit was down the hatch before breakfast hit the table. I was pretty hungry.

I rushed into work (still got there late  ) and look what I found in my email

Lucky jeans LUCKY JEANS!!! 50% OFF!!!  WHO LIKES LUCKY’S?  They are my absolute favorite jeans.  You bet I bought myself an extra gift (or two)

Tonight is all about packing the right clothes.  It won’t be really warm in South Carolina but I will take lighter coats.  That’s one aspect about living in the North East, you have a coat for all seasons.  There’s the super heavy duty for days like today (single digits, lots of wind). There is a cold weather jacket for in the teens to 20’s.  There is cold weather but not as heavy jacket for the 30’s.  When it gets in the 40’s, just a sweatshirt with a wind breaker – especially when it’s Spring time and 40 degrees feels so nice and warm after a long, cold winter.   Who’s with me on that one?!

I will take work out clothes.  Even if we don’t make it to the gym, I will be doing some running or jogging with Shane in the morning. YES… he is going South as well.  Lucky dog!  He loves the car ride so we can’t leave him out of this trip.  Besides, he bought Mocha a really nice Christmas gift and she needs to say thank you. 

dog bowl

That’s it for today because, like I said, I’ll be packing up tonight and we leave EARLY in the AM. 

As for “road blogs” – if we stop tomorrow night, I’ll try to post. If not hopefully the “scheduled” posts will go up but I’ve been having a problem with the posts that have been scheduled issuing a “MISSED SCHEDULE”  error on me.  Frustrating!    

Bye for now …see you in (or on the way to)  South Carolina!


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  • At 2009.12.30 11:02, kilax said:

    Have fun in SC! Isn’t it funny how 39 seems warm? Hee hee. I would take that right now too!

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