The Butter Dialog, a run, and a movie

by Joanne on December 19, 2009

The Run

Shane and I eked out our 7 miler this morning.  It was stop and go.  We went 1.3 miles when we had to go home.  I dressed too heavy for the cold temperatures. Who would have thought it possible?  It was 10 degrees and I put on a sports bra, running shirt with hoodie, and a winter jacket.  I had thermals under my running pants. 

After changing into my spring jacket with vest and taking a bathroom break, we left the house again.  We went to Acacia Village, turned and ran around the streets of Utica.  By the time we got back to MVCC, we had only done 5.75 miles.  I had to snake around MVCC in order to get the extra mileage in before heading for home.  The end result was 7.08.  Shane is sleeping by my feet as I type.  We did okay. 

Butter Dialog:  Dinner at Fianchetto


We decided to go back to an old favorite on Varick Street. Fianchetto Restaurant.  It was iffy since last time we went, with Sue and Sam, the restaurant was closed.  To our relief last night, the friendly staff was waiting.  It wasn’t busy.  The cold weather keeps us Uticans inside.  Pierre was at the bar.  He was playing with the music system, as usual.  That’s a welcome site since Ted and I enjoy Pierre’s choice of dinner music as well as his choice in wines. 

DSCN2304 We no longer look at the wine list, just ask Pierre what he likes by way of a white or a red.  Last night, we had both. 

The Heidelberg bread was delicious.

DSCN2306   Ted enjoyed the fresh beet salad.   Pierre came out, gloves on, fresh, unpeeled beet in hand with a “thingy” on his finger.  He said that “thingy” (which was a potato peeler that hooks around 2 fingers) was the greatest gadget.  It can be found at Williams and Sonoma (I couldn’t find the link – sorry).

Ted’s entree was the Hangar Steak.  Both of us had the house salad and I enjoyed the Tuna Steak Romesco.  Naturally with my dinner (no starch – extra veggies – no sauce on the veg), came the questions which is where the Butter Dialog came into play. 

DSCN2312   DSCN2314


Pierre was the Chef last night.  He came to our table to let me know he doesn’t add any sauce to the veggies just a little butter.  I said “no butter”.  He said “just a little to cook”.  I said “no thanks. no butter”.  He said “it’s unsalted butter”.  I said “butter is butter”.   Pierre said a few words to promote the flavor of butter, said it was good for you, did a little flexing action (Pierre is in good shape by the way), and did an exit, stage right.  

My dinner (the tuna steak above) was excellent.  The wonderful sweetness of the yellow bell peppers, fresh green beans and savory pepper encrusted tuna steak, cooked to perfection.  On the side was wasabi cream and homemade romesco (that was HOT!).

If you haven’t been to Fianchetto, you should make plans to enjoy a gourmet dinner, good music, friendly atmosphere (patrons and staff are all so friendly), and fun conversation with the Chef.  By the way, Fianchetto is on Facebook.  Become a FAN,  “Fianchetto Bar”.

A Movie:

We actually watched 2 this week:  Four Christmases and The Hangover

Both had us laughing hysterically.  I enjoyed Four Christmases better than the Hangover which was a bit too “R” rated in places for me.  However, I missed the last part of the Four Christmases movie because sleep over came me.   Must have been that last glass of wine that did me in.

Party tonight! Yahoo!


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