Somewhere there is a Pretzel under there

by Joanne on December 17, 2009

Did you get your exercise in this week?   I fizzled a  little as the week went on. The holiday break will be most welcome for me.  Ted mentioned last night that we have a lot of resting and wining (that’s the white or red type not the “ , , ” type) to do in the next couple of weeks.  I said “ GREAT! Do we get a rest from our workouts?”  He said “Well, we don’t want to do that but after the workouts, we can take it easy”.   Ted is such a killjoy.  

So far this week I’ve covered about 20 plus miles.  That would be some running, jogging and walking. I’ve spent 35 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer.  Total body has been thoroughly worked out with weights.   I’m in good shape going into the weekend and looking forward to a longer run on Saturday.   It’s expected to be a cold one. At the time of our morning run, the forecast indicates 12 degrees.   Fingers crossed for an unexpected heat wave by Sat. AM.  No matter what the weather, Shane has to get a lot of exercise since we have our party Saturday night and if  he isn’t worn out, he’ll be too excited when guests arrive. 

Goosing the Moose…..Speaking of Shane, he has been attacking my Christmas Moose…

DSC_2690.NEF Little Mr. Innocent…

DSC_2689.NEF He pretends to play with his toys near our Christmas wonderland display (see that green ball????)  and then….


he takes a horn off.  Beastly dog!


I’ve said it before, I just LOVE getting mail.  It’s the greatest feeling when opening the mail box to see a mysterious box in there.  It’s not so good if the box isn’t addressed to me .   Yesterday, the box WAS addressed to me  .  How exciting!  I knew what it was and I couldn’t wait to open it.


Yippee!  The treats I won at Lick my spoon (great site by the way so make sure to pay a visit!).

So I open the post office mailing box, and find this pretty little box. 

I looked at it from all sides.   I struggled with the bow.  It was tied so securely.


Finally, I managed to untie it.   Look what I found….


Does it get any better?!!! All these Sweet and Salty pretzel treats.  Everyone has a different sweet chocolate coating.   Everyone decorated with different sweet treats. 




Do you want your own?  Here you go…Sweet N Salty.

Thanks to Stephanie, Christmas started early for me!


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  • At 2009.12.17 21:41, said:

    Love your site! Oh your dog is so cute! Love it. Do you run with him? I’ve been running with mine for a few months, but wonder if he’ll be okay now that it is getting so cold. He’s a shepard mix so his belly fur isn’t very thick…I plan to take him with me on my 10 miler this weekend and it’s going to be 30ish. I hope he’s okay.

    Those pretzals loook amazing!!!!!!!!

    *check out the raw revolution giveaway on*

    • At 2009.12.18 08:51, kilax said:

      What a WONDERFUL package of goodies! And just in time for the holidays.

      Hee hee. It’s cute you have to “wear” Shane out so he won’t be rowdy during the party. We try to wear Data out so he won’t want to play all night while we are sleeping.

      I will hope for your heat wave! 🙂

      • At 2009.12.18 09:03, Dawn Hutchins said:

        Oh my those look good. I would be in big trouble. I must give you kudos for even THINKING of running in 12 degree weather. I’ll try and send you some of my Florida heat!

        • At 2009.12.18 10:57, Nancy Jean said:

          Wow, now THOSE are special pretzels..! And those photos of Shane are hysterical …

          Thanks for the “Lick My Spoon” link, as you say it’s a terrific site. I’ve just printed our a recipe for Sweet Potato Biscuits that made my mouth water when I thought about Sunday breakfast!

          Bundle up before you & Shane head out!

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