CEimB: Maple Mustard Chicken Thighs

by Joanne on December 17, 2009

There isn’t an easier, tastier recipe than this weeks CEimB chosen by Tessa at Handle The HeatMaple Mustard Chicken Thighs.  It just sounds so sexy, doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s just me.

Great pick Tessa!


The result is a sweet and tangy flavor on a juicy chicken thigh (woo! woo!)…for all you meat eaters.  For us Vegetarians who may have used “Quorn”, the flavor was still sweet and tangy but not as juicy.


Ellie says the sauce made of 1/3 cup grainy French mustard + 1 clove minced garlic + 3/4 tsp dried marjoram + 3 TBS Pure Maple Syrup will make a “crust”. 

The sauce is spread over each thigh (  😉   ).  Then baked for about 45 minutes. 

It did coat the meats but didn’t form a crispy crust.  Still…so good. I would make this again in a blink!

I put olive oil on the bottom of both foil lined pans, just to be safe…


The dinner went together in 5 minutes. It was eaten in about the same amount of time. We were both hungry. I had a busy baking and gift wrapping day and Ted had a busy painting day (he was helping his daughter get their new home ready). 


Thanks again to Tessa of Handle the Heat.  Make sure to check out her blog.


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  • At 2009.12.17 10:32, Dawn Hutchins said:

    I LOVE that combo of flavors. This looks SO delicious. And don’t you love broccoli. I swear I pair steamed broccoli with just about everything.

    • At 2009.12.17 15:33, Kayte said:

      What wonderful photos to showcase this recipe. We really liked this recipe a lot, but then things with mustard are always a hit here…at last count, Mark had 14 jars of different mustards in the frig. He may need an intervention eventually. LOL. I’m trying to cook my way through the book before I start on the new one…I am hoping it will be under the Christmas tree! I think I have four ready to post next week as well…and no, in reference to your comment, I am not doing them all in a day…but we are eating Ellie a couple time a week with no complaints!

      • At 2009.12.17 17:02, Jessica said:

        I’m glad this was a hit for you guys. It certainly is one of those dinners that comes together very quickly and it’s perfect for busy days. Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray!

        • At 2009.12.17 17:09, Lauryn said:

          Looks delicious! And your photos are gorgeous!!!! Great job!

          • At 2012.04.16 23:48, Argie said:

            Close up pictures are really great. It really catches our attention and to crave for it. You have a beautiful and gorgeous dish and I’m planning to cook this recipe for lunch.

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