Restaurants and Road Warriors

by Joanne on December 12, 2009

First, I have to share my excitement with everyone.  Look what came in the mail yesterday…

DSCN2290Clean Food” by Terry Walters.   I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to review this book.  It offers information to empower you to make changes in regards to how you shop and prepare food.  The result being a big difference in the way you eat and feel.  The book teaches the reader about whole grains, vegetables, legumes, soy, nuts, seeds. sea vegetables, and fruit.  I’m really looking forward to getting into some good reading.  Recipe examples:  “Super Strengthening Stew”, “Grilled Polenta with Mushroom Ragout”, “Roasted Portobello Sandwich with Sun dried Tomato Aioli”.  Fantastic! Thanks, Brita!


Shane and I were the Road Warriors this morning.  The sidewalks still are not clear of snow so we took various side roads towards the West Frankfort Business Park.   As we set out and were “truckin’” along, I thought “Geesh – I feel really good today”.   At mile 3 it dawned on me that the wind was on my back, gently pushing me along.  No wonder it felt so good.   We turned at 3.75 and then the wind was in my face. Not so easy. Not so fun. 

As we turn for home, Shane usually gets ahead and I don’t usually let him pull. Today I did. His pulling helped me run against the wind and I figured it would tire him out more if he pulled me. Two fold benefit. 

At mile 5, I started singing “Here Comes Santa Claus”.  I have no idea why unless my subconcious was somehow aware of  what people saw as we ran down the road:  A wrapped up bundle, frost forming on her face with a dog in the lead “lighting the way”.  We ran 6 plus miles at 9:37 today.

RESTAURANT REVIEW:  Romeo’s Italian Kitchen 224 N.Genesee St. Utica. 

DSCN2272 Nothing fancy.  Not Gourmet.


Nice and clean and the food was good.  We missed the 2 for 1 drink special which ended at 7 pm.  The bar area had a few patrons.  The seating area, wide open and well lit, had a few diners.  We chose our seat and was presented menus. 

DSCN2273 Plenty of good food options to choose.  They offer chicken, beef, fish, pasta and of course some house specialties.

DSCN2276 The greens were very good. For Ted’s sake, they put sausage on top only so I could enjoy the underneath portion.  But beware all Vegetarians, the greens have prosciutto in them.  I had to pick it all out so I could simply have a taste. 

DSCN2277   Crisp and fresh garden salad.  I had oil and vinegar with a side of crumbly blue.  I just don’t understand why a restaurant wouldn’t offer the side of crumbly blue in a little ceramic dish as opposed to a plastic container for take-out?!!!  Were they trying to give us a hint?

DSCN2279 I had the baked haddock over greens.  The greens were just plain greens. No hidden meat.  There was not much flavor to the fish. It was topped with a delicate layer of cheese.  I squeezed the lemon over it, added pepper and a little salt but that didn’t make a huge difference.

DSCN2280 Ted had the rolled chicken over linguine.  The chicken was pounded thin and rolled around greens then breaded and fried.  The pasta was buttery and lemony.  Ted was pleased.

DSCN2281 The waitress kindly brought me a side of fresh steamed broccoli. Perfect!

DSCN2284 The coffee was good and the mugs were adorable.

Such a festive atmosphere offering the spirit of the season and good Italian food, Romeo’s Italian Kitchen.



Due to the quick service, we were able to get home early where Ted lit a warm, crackling fire…

DSCN2288 and we watched “Julie & Julia”.  I was SO looking forward to seeing this movie.

DSCN2289 I loved it. Ted was thinking that Julie (played by Amy Adams) was actually his wife on TV with my blogging and my “must get done” cooking schedule.  My tantrums have not actually resulted in me laying on the floor ….yet…but they have come close.   All in the fun of cooking!


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  • At 2009.12.12 10:27, kilax said:

    I am excited to hear your review of Clean Food. I have read a bit about it on the internet and it sounds like it could be really good.

    Ugh. I hope my run today doesn’t have the wind in my face like that. It probably will. Great 6-miler!

    I still haven’t seen Julie & Julia! It says “very long wait” on my netflix queue next to it 🙁

    • At 2009.12.12 12:17, Liz said:

      I love Julie & Julia! Ryan took me to see it for my birthday when it first came out, and even though we usually don’t like the same kind of movies, we both really enjoyed it. I could relate to Julie a few times, but haven’t gone so far as to end up on the kitchen floor mid-tantrum lol

      • At 2009.12.12 18:23, Joanne said:

        Kilax & Liz: I was excited to see the movie. Ted did stay awake through most of it. Meryl Streep is just so good in every part she plays. It’s amazing the variety of characters she can portray so realistically. I have two Julia Child DVD’s and OMG – Meryl sounds just like her! By the way … if you don’t have the JC DVD’s, you should get them. They are funny in places.

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