Tips and Tuaca Liquor Apple Sauce

by Joanne on December 9, 2009

Before I offer the following recipe,



tuaca applesauce

I wanted to share some thoughts.  With all the holiday recipes I’m seeing out there in blog land and magazine world, I’m seeing JUST as many diet control tips and “stay healthy through the holiday” blurts.  That made me want to ask, what do you think about all these tips?   Do you read them?  Do they work for you?  Do you have your own “stay healthy – diet maintenance” strategy that works? 

I’ve hopped on the bandwagon and am offering the following that works for me.

  • Exercise:  It’s difficult getting up as early as I do to work out. When the alarm goes off, I think to myself  “just get up, clean your teeth and see how you feel”.  Sure enough, after I’m up, another thought strikes:  “Just get into the gym and begin your workout. If it just isn’t happening, give it up“.    I have to tell you that I have NEVER given it up. Maybe not worked out as hard, but at least I’ve done something.  The feeling of accomplishment is terrific after the workout.

1.  First tip:   JUST DO IT!   If you really can’t get into it after 10 minutes, go for a walk or try again tomorrow. 

  • Time doesn’t allow a lot of us to work out.  Sometimes family matters take priority.  There are ways around this.  When I miss a work out or there just isn’t time, I make  moving my saving grace.  By moving I mean literally walking, climbing, wiggling just to keep in motion.

2.  If you have to take your car for the thousand and one chores you must get done this time of year, park in the farthest most parking space and walk into the store.  No excuses: The store is warm even though the weather might not be.

3.  If you are wrapping gifts, bring them out to the “wrapping staging area” one by one so you have to keep getting up, walking up the stairs or into another room to grab another gift.  It keeps you moving.

4.  If you have to listen to a lecture or you opt to go to the movies, wiggle your legs. Place just the ball of your foot on the ground and bounce your legs (kind of like stretching your calves).  Keep moving. Go ahead, be a “wiggle worm”.  Find ways to keep your body in motion.

What about diet?  Don’t skip meals. Don’t reduce the size of your meals so you’re starving.  Load up on filling vegetables.  Fruit once a day but veggies ALL day (there is less natural sugars in vegetables than fruit).  Make your self the biggest salad of crunchy greens, sweet red peppers, a few pieces of carrot…whatever you like in a salad BUT… don’t forget you need fat. Go for a LIGHT dressing and NOT Fat Free (vitamins and minerals from your greens are transported and made use of by the body through fat).  INCLUDE protein.  Add some chick peas OR 3 oz of chicken breast (NOT lunch meats – they are injected with a salty solution)…or how about 2 eggs (an egg is a total protein and filled with vitamin A and D as well as minerals such as zinc and iron).   Don’t forget the grains. NOT bread.  Bread is processed and often contains sugar. How about rice?  Perfect to add to your salad or on the side (1/2 cup of wild or brown rice).

Okay… I’m done. Now a recipe that is a healthier dessert option or… see how else I made use of such a tasty dish.

Have you heard of it?  Interesting liquor.  Tuaca Liquor “is a brand of liqueur produced by the Tuoni and Canepa families of Livorno, Italy. The liqueur is sweet and golden brown in color. Its ingredients include brandy, essence of orange, and vanilla. Vanilla is the dominant flavor. ” 


I received my little sample in order to celebrate National Cocoa Day, December 13th.  I also received the Chambord and Rum but those posts are to be scheduled.  For now, I used my trusty Apple Sauce Recipe but added the Tuaca. The result was a brilliant mix of flavors that was reminiscent of mince meat.  If you are not familiar with mince meat, it is a combination of dried fruit and spices that does NOT contain meat.  I guess the word “meat” is used to describe the “meat” of the fruits. NOTE:  Mincemeat DOES however contain animal fat so it is NOT Vegetarian friendly.

The recipe is basically the same as the above link however I added the Tuaca instead of water or POM.  I used 6 peeled and cored apples, cut up..



I used 1/4 cup of the liquor, 1 TBS brown sugar, 1 teaspoon Apple Pie Spice, and 1/4 cup chopped dates…


I combined the apples, the liquor (to boil off the alcohol), and sugar and cooked over medium low heat about 30 minutes (if you need to, add water to prevent burning bottom).  Stir in the spice and dates. 

Serve with ice cream….the pie without the unhealthy crust…



Or you can use it mixed in with your morning oats….the sweetness with vanilla flavors without additional sugar.

Tuaca applesauce2

The liquor added a rich, bold flavor to the applesauce.  Whip cream, ice cream, frozen yogurt, breakfast cereal, on top of waffles or pancakes.. you name it.  This applesauce will make your mouth and belly happy.


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  • At 2009.12.09 08:38, Lu said:

    I love Tuaca. It is delicious. I bet this applesauce is great. I love your tips. I especially like the one about gift wrapping. It’s so smart to keep yourself moving. Love it!

    • At 2009.12.09 09:46, Dawn Hutchins said:

      I must try and find this liquor. It sounds as amazing in your apple sauce. I am a full time working mom so I know what it’s like being busy. My fitness tip is make it a priority. I work out on my lunch break and my husband and I just started P90X as something to do together. I get home from work, cook dinner, clean up, get the baby in the bath and to bed and start my second workout. No excuses! I’ve had to say no to holiday luncheons because I had a workout that day. I pick and choose carefully the times I will skip the gym. It has to be REALLY important. And as far as eating…read and learn as much as possible and make smart choices. I agree with you about all your eating tips, especially the fats…healthy fats are definitely important. I love using my olive oil mister!

      • At 2009.12.12 08:28, kilax said:

        Last Christmas I was so bad about working out! I let all of the stress build up and kept my night’s busy with holiday-related tasks. This year, I am fitting exercise in whenever I can and I feel so much better.

        Hee hee. We are so paranoid about other drivers giving us door dents that we park as far away as possible all year round.

        I like your tips! I find exercise much easier to control than eating. I am getting better at that though.

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