Our 2009 Las Vegas Trip: Food and Fun

by Joanne on November 28, 2009

We were up at 3:15 am and on the road by 3:58 am.  Our flight out of Syracuse was at 6:09.  What else were we going to do other than sleep on the plane?  The early rising therefore didn’t bother us.

Funny things you see at airports.  While walking from the car in the parking garage, we saw 4 jumbo muffins wrapped in plastic sitting on a short wall in front of a parked car.  Were the people thinking it was cool enough to keep those muffins on that wall until their return?  I’m not sure but either the rats or some lucky homeless person was in for a treat.

On the flight there is always the upset child.  The distressed mother asked for crackers from the flight attendant. No luck, not on this “puddle jumper”.  Ted had brought a bag of nuts and raisins so I asked the mother if raisins would do the trick.  Without hesitation the bag disappeared from my hand and that was the last we heard from the crying 18 mos. old baby.  Ted did however mutter in a low tone “enjoy the cashews”.  The big “kid” always suffers.

The next flight was offering food for sale. Food we don’t eat.  There was one item, a yogurt parfait that Ted and I shared. That was it until we landed in Vegas.  No happy tummys here, but the flight passed quickly I enjoyed the movie “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”.  Ted slept.  The result was an uneventful flight. The best kind.

Now…Our trip in a slide show. Enjoy.

Slide show of Vegas 2009

If you have a problem playing the video, let me know.


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  • At 2009.11.28 21:38, Bonnie said:

    LOVED the slide show! We were in Vegas July 2004. Would love to go back!
    My favorite photos – the dessert buffet that just keeps going!

    • At 2009.11.28 21:54, Olive said:

      sounds like fun..I would love to go to Vegas someday.. I didn’t get to see the video, though, I think it’s because of my internet connection

      • At 2009.11.29 19:44, Joanne said:

        Bonnie: So glad you enjoyed the photos.
        Olive: Sorry it wouldn’t play. It opened in Windows player on my comp. but on my phone, Safari wouldn’t play it so it may not play on MAC’s.

        • At 2009.12.01 14:16, Nancy Jean said:

          Loved the video, Joanne – – my 1st trip to Vegas, vicariously thru you! St. Mark’s Square was INSIDE?! the Venetian?? That completely blows my mind! The shot of Ted standing on the bridge, it doesn’t seem possible? Beautiful shots of the architecture & flora. Thanks for sharing w/us.

          p.s. I made your butter bean vegetable soup for our first course on Thanksgiving Day and my Mom actually scraped the bottom of her bowl for the last drop! It was delicious, and it tasted even better left-over!

          • At 2009.12.02 09:37, Joanne said:

            Nancy: It’s truly amazing what you can find inside the casinos. They are little cities all on their own. It is breath taking.

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