by Joanne on October 30, 2009

I borrowed a tripod from class the other week and then we were given a little bottle of bubble making liquid from the Halloween Party we attended.  I know what you’re thinking….”and WHAT did they do with the bubbles at the Halloween Party?!”  We blew them at people while they danced.  All innocent, I swear.  

In getting back to my story… so I had the tripod and the bottle of future bubbles.  I captured some bubbles in photos.  This was so much fun! 

Let me know if you have a favorite and what you can see in the bubble.  Someone told me “the universe” in one of the bubbles.

DSC_1938fix Basic Bubble 1

DSC_1942fixed Double Bubble 2

DSC_1939fix Through the Eyes Bubble 3

DSC_1936fixed A Mere Reflection Bubble 4

DSC_1940fixed A Very Confused Bubble 5

DSC_1943revamp Gravity is Taking Hold Bubble 6

DSC_1944best The Dripping Bubble 7

My favorite is Bubble Number 3 and I can see the ocean. 

Happy Friday and Happy Haunting Tomorrow! 


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