Healthy Granola and Get Your Bod Back

by Joanne on September 22, 2009

Remember back in May, I was SO lucky to be a winner in a MixMyGranola giveaway?  It was the best granola I have ever had because I made it myself without having to clean up one bowl.  


MixMyGranola is up to great stuff once again.  In the last few months, they have added trail mixes, a Granola Club, and best of all Chocolate mini morsels, Peanut M&M’s, and …. get ready for this….TIRAMISU CARAMEL!  Can that be healthy?   Mix your own granola with no mess, no cleanup, no baking.  Super!

If you want to try MixMyGranola, use the code:  APPLECRUMBLES and get 10% off! 

Before you go and enjoy all that Granola, try the following workout and let me know what you think.  This is Day 2 of Week 3, Get Your Body Back Plan by Muscle and Performance.   Remember that the last two of each exercise is to failure.  The weights took me just over 20 minutes to complete.

  • Warm up 30 minutes- Elliptical trainer
  • Shoulders:  4 sets: Seated Barbell (15, 12, 10, 8).  3 sets: Seated Lateral Raise (12, 10, 10).  3 sets: Bent over dumbbell raise (12, 10, 10). 
  • Triceps:  4 sets: Close grip bench press (12, 10, 10, 8).  3 sets: Seated one arm overhead dumbbell extensions (12, 10, 10). 
  • Calves:  3 sets: Standing Calf raises (20, 20, 20).  3 sets: Seated Calf raises (20, 20, 20).
  • A 3.7 mile run followed for me but if you can add some ending aerobics for as much time as you can afford that would be aces.  40 minutes is really great. 30 minutes is terrific.  20 minutes is good.  Great Workout! 

One jazzed up bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Cereal followed my workout.  I used a mixture of the 5 Grain and the 10 Grain cereals.  The 10 grain is very fine and the 5 grain is more like cut oats.  I mix them together to get a more satisfying texture for my personal palette.  I added 1 tsp dried cranberries and 1/2 tsp cinnamon while they cooked.  To top off for flavor and texture, 1 TBS of Granola.  This wasn’t my personal mix of MixMyGranola (unfortunately when I had that, it disappeared in 2-3 days), but it is nutty, fruity and crisp.


Berry fruit is always a great side to cereal


A healthy protein shake washes all that goodness down with added nutritional benefits much needed after a great workout.  


Make sure to check out MixMyGranola and use the APPLECRUMBLES code to get your discount.  Let me know your mix.  I might want to try it! Have a Super Day Everyone! 

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  • At 2009.09.23 04:15, Jeena said:

    Caramel tiramisu healthy? …. hmmm I would have to see the ingredient list. 🙂

    Your cereal looks lovely with those fresh berries, fruit and cereal are a match made in heaven!

    • At 2009.09.29 05:22, A Pom Wonderful Start | Apple Crumbles said:

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