A Big Party Celebrating 60 Wonderful Years

by Joanne on August 10, 2009

It was a 60th Birthday celebration in New Jersey.  The Ayoub Family celebrate Eddie’s 60th, at least that what Eddie claimed.  By the way he was “cuttin’ the rug”, it was as if he were celebrating his 21st!

DSC_0465The trip from Upstate New York to New Jersey was made by Ted and myself, Richard, Dave, and Teddy.  We began the evening with a private toast at the home of Debbie and Eddie:


Then is was off to the party. 

Ted and Jo

A beautiful banquet room decorated with balloons identifying the birthday “boy”.  An ice sculpture, fish bowl center pieces, each with a live fish.  The head table centerpiece was a near replica of Eddie’s fishing boat “Together II”.   The cake had pictures of Eddie throughout the years and Debbie let out a little squeal when she saw there was even a photo of his old truck (which apparently usually smells like fish). 







The food was beyond our wildest imagination. There was something for everyone and it began with a raw bar of  fresh fruit, smoked salmon, clams, oysters, shrimp, fresh seafood salad, sushi, grilled vegetables.  The waiters walked around with trays of vegetable rolls, pizza squares, and swordfish skewers.




Following the appetizer table, dinner was put forth and that was and endless array of pastas, chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetables, salads…

Swordfish skewer

Swordfish skewer


All through this eating and enjoying wines, beer, mixed beverages, Eddie was whoopin’ it up…


Dancing ON a chair instead of WITH IT  in this one.

Dancing ON a chair instead of WITH IT in this one.




We get to eat the glorious cake

We get to eat the glorious cake


The dessert table was another spectacular presentation of everything from fruits, tiramisu, cheesecake, pastries to finally the birthday cake.   A chocolate cake with light cream filling covered in buttercream and decorated in fondant.

What a wonderful party.  The restaurant, Villa Amalfi was the perfect setting for this event.  The wait staff was attentive and so professional.  Everything fell into place with such timing and ease, the hosts were simply left to enjoy the evening. 

Happy birthday, Eddie and best wishes for a wonderful, healthy, happy year!


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  • At 2009.08.10 22:51, BitterSweet said:

    Looks like such a great time, and you captured fantastic photos, full of so much joy! That is one impressive cake, too.

    And thanks for sharing your experience making a wedding cake, it makes me feel much less alone in my struggles! I can easily see that happening, too, and am so grateful there were no big disasters, especially since we had to assemble the cake on location, with the bride and groom watching and everything!

    • At 2009.08.11 17:32, Jeena said:

      Looks like everybody had a great time, the food sounds really lovely too.

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