Restaurant Review for Valley View

by Joanne on July 18, 2009

As we were getting ready to go to dinner last night, I looked down to make sure the shoes looked ok with the dress and look what I found:   I DID bathe but it won’t come off! 

Click on the pic to enter for some goodies from Old Bay

Click on the pic to enter for some goodies from Old Bay

Click on the picture to enter for some goodies from Old Bay.

I have offered a review of Valley View restaurant before because it is conveniently located from our house, the staff are so friendly, the food is good -reasonably priced gourmet cuisine, it is clean, a fun place to eat and we love it.   Last night’s dinner deserves a standing ovation. Chef Mario outdid himself.  There wasn’t one negative remark from our table – well, there was a “greens” mishap.

Valley View Restaurant is located on the Parkway in Utica. It is the upstairs facility at Valley View Golf Course.  They offer “Blues with a View” on Wednesday evenings on the deck where a Raw Bar is made available to patrons.  There is live music and people have a great time.  Out door dining is offered on weekends as well if a party hasn’t reserved the deck and if the weather is nice.  We sat inside last evening because the temperatures had dropped and my parents were with us.  They tend to prefer indoor seating. 

We arrived at  Valley View at 6:45pm and Happy Hour Two For One was in full swing.  I asked for Chardonnay and my mother requested Canei, her favorite.  They didn’t serve Canei but had Sutterhome White Zinfandel.  Since my mother can’t drink two glasses of wine, we asked for only one but the bartender insisted he had to pour two.  Ted and each shared a Chard. plus made it through my mother’s extra glass of wine.  wine

The bread is always served with tiny pizza/tomato pie squares – enough for everyone at the table.  Both the bread and the squares are too good to resist.  pizza

We ordered meatless greens as an appetizer.  I actually found ONE piece of proscuitto in them!  Ted was quick to grab it and utter..”what meat?!!!”  However, dissection was mandatory with every fork full.  They were delicious, and weren’t too hot.  I picked out all the wonderful cherry peppers to enjoy myself but even those didn’t have much heat. Personally I like my greens spicy hot. Ted and my parents prefer little or no heat. 


A crisp, green salad followed the greens..salad




Now it’s time for entrees.

Ted had Veal Marsala

Ted had Veal Marsala

My father had this succulant looking pork chop in gravy with mushrooms

My father had this succulent looking pork chop in gravy with mushrooms

My mother indulged in this HUGE piece of fish offered in the Fish Fry

My mother indulged in this HUGE piece of fish offered in the Fish Fry

My dinner deserves special attention.  I had one of the specials: Blackened Sea Bass served in a Fruit and Fennel salad.  Honestly I cannot remember ever having Sea Bass so good.  The fruit salad…it was so light, not sugared or too saucy, comprised of grapefruit, orange, strawberry slices, fresh raspberries and blueberries.  The fennel (or anise) was crisp and almost unseasoned. The fruit-fennel ensamble paired SO well with the very light spiciness of the blackend fish.  In regards to the blackened fish, it was moist and so delicate in taste, the seasoning was almost undetectable, but JUST enough.  It was pricey, $26.95, but if you pay that much for a dish, it should be as good as this Sea Bass was.  Fantastic!
Look at this fish! The fresh fruit! Wow!

Look at this fish! The fresh fruit! Wow!

Ted and I had the vegetable side..
Guess who had dessert?  Ted of course.  He had the fresh fruit with marscapone cream and chocolate mousse on the bottom.
If you have never been to Valley View, please give it a try.  They will accomodate family and special dietary needs (just double check your meatless greens!).
Tune in later for more on The Giant Cookie and a graduation cookie tray.
Have a good Saturday!
By the way – I have no idea what happened to the top part of this post. WordPress just decided to put all text in one photo and when I fixed it, it deleted all my pics. I had to recopy and then they returned as micro-photos.  😡
Such is life!
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    Thanks for the review. It’s nice to find accommodating restaurants!

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