Bread Art and a Trip to the Farm

by Joanne on July 11, 2009

Have any of you seen or read about the “Bread Art Project“?  It is a group endeavor to fight hunger in the United States.  The Grain Foods Foundation and the Feeding America Project have raised $25,000 in donations so far to provide 175,000 meals to families in need. 

Go ahead and have some fun with it. Click above on the “Bread Art Project” link and create your own piece of bread art.  It’s free and it’s fun.  Once at the site, see the lower left corner of the window where it says “Make Art”?  Click there and you will take a ride on an elevator to your own canvas.  Pretty cool!  Let your kids have fun with it!

Remember the other dayI told you about Donna, Shane’s Dog Sitter?  The other night, we were invited to Donna’s farm to meet the baby chicks and the cats, and the cock-a-toos and….all the other wild life. What a beautiful farm it is.  Here is the picture tour…

A box full

A box full of chicks

Two in the coupe

Two in the coupe

Nice Do!

Nice Do!

A yellow cutie

A yellow cutie

A grey bird
A white bird
The quiet bird of many colors... who hums a familiar tune

The quiet bird of many colors... who hums a familiar tune

A very pretty kitty ... wanted to paw my camera!

A very pretty kitty ... wanted to paw my camera!

You wouldn’t believe what is involved with raising the chicks.  From making sure they don’t deform their legs on a newspaper surface to not drowning in their water.  Then Donna had to make sure a place was built so they could roost when they get older.  A trap door was put into the renovated heifer barn so they will eventually be able to  get outside into a fully enclosed gated area (and I mean top and sides secure), safe from wild life such as coy dogs. 

What a wonderful visit!  So enlightening and such a view.  Thanks Donna.

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  • At 2009.07.11 13:54, Marta said:

    Properly raising chickens is hard work, my grandma used to do it and it was like a full-time job! But it’s worth it, not only ethically, but they just taste so good after, and the eggs too!

    • At 2009.07.12 05:34, Jackie @ said:

      My father-in-law bought an incubator and chicken eggs last year. We had 5 roosters, no female 🙁 Boy, were they loud in the morning lol Unfortunately, all the foxes attacked them.

      The yellow one is so adorable!

      • At 2009.07.12 10:49, Danielle said:

        I was just browsing around and came across your comment on my carrot cake (thank you very much for stopping by…last month, sorry I didnt stop by sooner).

        I hatched a chicken once in an incubator I had (I use to breed pet birds)..and it turned out to be a rooster that we named Chester. Couldn’t keep him in the city so we gave him back to the people who gave us the egg to begin with.

        Btw…I stopped by the Bread Art Project and had some fun decorating a piece of oatmeal toast LOL.

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