Steel Cut Oatmeal

by Joanne on July 7, 2009

A while ago I bought a different brand of steel cut oats, “John McCann Steel Cut Oat Meal”

DSCN1587It’s actually referred to on the can as Irish Porridge.  The nutritional information is comparable to other steel cut oat brands. The taste is nutty with a slight chew.  I love the storage can!  It is so official looking with the words “Certificate of Award, Uniformity of Granulation” Then there are some approval identifications by the President of Departmental Committee and a Judge, Mr. Chas. Keith, and others. The ingredients is simply 100% wholegrain Irish oats.  Maybe that’s the slight taste difference.  I don’t think the other brands of steel cut oats I’ve tried are “Irish Oats”. 

The serving suggestion is to add fresh buttermilk, or milk or cream. Add brown sugar or honey and butter. Sounds great but in my book, there goes the healthy oats. It just became dessert!

It’s fun doing taste comparisons among different brands.  Even though the product might be the same, different producers add their own personal twist to bring out a variety of flavors. 

What do you eat on a regular basis?  Are there different brands out there where you can offer your own taste comparison? 

Tuesday Workout:  Legs

  • 4 sets.  Descending count repetitions 20 – 18 – 15 – 12
  • Leg press followed by walking lunges
  • Leg curls followed by dead lifts (squeeze those hams and butts)
  • Leg extensions followed by calf raises

Aerobic activity:  2.25 mile run on the tread mill to warm up.   4+ mile run with Shane.

DSCN1588Topping off a great breakfast with a Vanilla Kiwi Shake (added 1 kiwi to vanilla protein powder) and 1/2 a grapefruit.

I used to look forward to watching Tyler Florence in How To Boil Water every Tuesday morning during my warm up. Now the Network has changed the programming to some other show that is SO not interesting.  Bummer!

Super Tuesday, Everyone!

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  • At 2009.07.07 13:10, sara said:

    I usually just buy them from the bulk bin at Whole Foods or get a bag from Bob’s Red Mill. They are always delicious, I love steel cut oats.

    • At 2009.07.13 10:24, Leah said:

      Hi There!

      I’m with McCann’s, and just happened across this post. It’s great to see you trying McCann’s, and we are so happy to hear you like it!

      For shortcuts to cooking steel cuts, as well as recipes take a look at our website (

      If you get a chance to look at our recipes, try the health muffins or fruit crumble, they are delicious!


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