Playing With Pictures

by Joanne on May 22, 2009

There are all sorts of things I could post tonight, but instead, I got fooling around with my camera because my intention is to take a photography course in September.  I’ve been thinking about cameras, lighting, ISO settings, f values…all that stuff important to getting the shot right.  So I thought I’d have some fun with our happy hour wine and took the following pics. all different settings.  Notice any differences? I can’t.  Some hard core lessons are a must for my photography future.

Here are (drum roll please) the wines:  …By the way, the wine is a Chardonnay from the Columbia Valley, a Washington State wine.  It is from the Indian Wells series and offers a showcase of fruit with a bold flavor.   It is rich and tropical.  A very pleasing wine for my palette.

We have Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday until the first AC Give Away.  No strings attached. Please visit the post, link HERE, and leave a comment.  Thanks and Happy Memorial Day weekend in honor of those who served our Country.

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  • At 2009.05.22 22:22, Heather said:

    I love that wine!

    • At 2009.05.23 01:39, Libby said:

      The only true way to properly assess a series of shots using different settings is to shoot the exact same subject with the same lighting on a tripod. Just a hint for the future.

      As you progress, if you wish to go the DSLR route, do not be swayed by the fancy cameras with zillions of features. For food, the lens is more important. Even if you get a bare bones, even used DLSR, the lens and proper lighting are what will make our photos pop.

      Good luck!

      • At 2009.05.23 09:16, applec said:

        Heather: The wine was REALLY good.

        Libby: So helpful. Thanks so much. I really value the helpful hints and comments left by readers. Great.

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