A Hole in the Pants but a Wonderful Meal

by Joanne on May 15, 2009

It’s a darned good thing I love to shop and went out to the Tanger Outlets on my last day in SC.  Let me explain why.

Shane and I went up the road to put gas in the car for our trip back home to N.Y.  Along the way, I decided to stop at a Natural foods store.  When getting back into the car, I thought…”something feels funny”. I felt under my left cheek (lower cheek) and felt a hole in the seat of my pants.  It was huge!  Thank goodness I wasn’t in Utica where I had to see the faces of the people I had just left behind (with a good view of my BEHIND) on a daily basis.  Also, it is a good thing I don’t go “commando”.  I quickly ran around the back of the car, grabbed a pair of pants purchased earlier in the day and did a quick change in the car.  My whole behind was showing through that hole in those old pants! So I discovered a draw back to living in warm weather climates…. one cannot detect drafts! 

A hole in the pants

A hole in the pants


Last evening in SC celebrating a 61stWedding Anniversary


Mum and Dad opted to dine out for the family celebration of their 61st Wedding Anniversary.  It is actually today, Friday, May 15th but Sue and I left Thursday morning, the 14th.  We went to one of their favorite restaurants, 217 Bistro and WOW..did we find out why it was a favorite. 

I was the only one indulging in wine. It was a lovely Manifesto Sauvignon Blanc.

The bread basket was filled with grain bread, sour dough bread and carrot and celery slices.


We all shared appetizers:  Dad opted for the Artichoke Dip withTortillas.  Mum chose the Pear Salad withsugared walnuts, blue cheese (on the side since she doesn’t like it).  Sue had Lobster Ravioli with Tabiko Caviar.  The ravioli were served as 2 very large portions.  A lot of pasta and unfortunately not much lobster. The sauce was divine! The caviar were like little bubbles that popped in your mouth after swallowing the other mouthfuls. 

Lobster Ravioli with Tabiko Caviar

Lobster Ravioli with Tabiko Caviar

 I had the Warm Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese Salad with baby spinach and balsamic vinaigrette.  The goat cheese was of the most velvety, creamy texture with a very smooth balanced flavor. It was a terrific idea covering it with pistachios and it paired so well with the baby spinach and balsamic reduction.


Warm Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese Spinach Salad

Main courses:  Dad = 217 Seafood.  This was a bowl made of a fried Eggplant filled with shrimp, scallops, fish in a light white sauce. 


An Eggplant bowl filled with seafood in a light white sauce

Mum = Lamb Shank with mashed potatoes and vegetables. 


Sue = Bangkok Chicken with Rice and vegetable, slightly spicy.  Joanne = Oven Roasted Salmon served on a spring pea crab cake. 

Oven Roasted Salmon on a Crap-Sweet Pea Cake

Oven Roasted Salmon on a Crap-Sweet Pea Cake

Absolutely wonderful.  There were no complaints only a lot of moaning at the end of dinner because we all ate WAY too much.

At home in Utica

This is what we saw as Sue and I came around the corner in view of our home…


Guess there were some pretty high winds on Thursday around Utica.  This presents a whole new project for Ted and all friends with chain saws.  They are just too excited! Men with tools.

Have a super Friday!

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

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  • At 2009.05.15 11:00, Liz said:

    I’m so sorry about your pants, but that is a hysterical story!! I remember when I was quite young something like that happen to my grandma so my brother and I took to calling her “Grandma Split Britches” for a while LOL Oh how cruel little kids can be… I should probably call and apologize for that now that I know better 🙂

    That meal looks DELICIOUS!!

    • At 2009.05.15 11:17, jeena said:

      It was hard not to chuckle at your story about your pants and the picture it was too funny 😀 …….unless it happens to me then I will be embarrassed eek!

      Hey at least you had just bought a new pair of pants how lucky was that?

      Looks like you had a great meal with your parents the food looks delicious. 🙂

      • At 2009.05.15 11:41, applec said:

        Liz and Jeena: You know when things like that happen now, I just think…well, I’ll put it on the blog to see how many other people suffer similar situations. It’s amazing…we all have so much in common.

        • At 2009.05.15 12:27, Nancy Jean said:

          Oh, that pic of your pants is unbelievable! Wow, it sure IS a good thing you don’t go commando – – altho I’ll bet you would’ve felt a draft then…!!!

          Such a lovely (albeit early) anniversary celebration for your Mom & Dad…your father’s meal looks absolutely divine!

          Glad you & Sue are home safe & sound. We had a large limb down on one of our old trees too…happily it didn’t hit anything but the lawn!

          • At 2009.05.15 14:18, Rosie said:

            I tried not to giggle but I couldn’t help myself!! I bet you’re so glad you wasn’t commando you never know when the paparazzi are around 😀

            My Grandma’s britches feel down at the seaside when I was a child – she just stepped out of them and put them in her pocket – so yes she went commando. To this day, I still laugh about it, bless her 😀

            Rosie x

            • At 2009.05.15 17:54, applec said:

              Rosie: Too funny. Sometimes it’s just too late and you have to “ride” with it. Good for your Grandma.

              • At 2009.05.15 18:25, pamela said:

                Wow…all of that food looks stellar. But the eggplant dish has me swooning!

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