Wow! Papaya

by Joanne on May 1, 2009

dscn0825What can be said? Fresh, fruity, juicy, bursting with flavor… this is one super fruit.  Have you tried fresh papaya?  What kind of recipes have you made with it? 

dscn0826The papaya really made the rest of this mornings eats play second string… a bowl of Cream of Rye mixed with a little 10 Grain cereal, 1/4 of a banana, cinnamon and Papaya on the side.


A chocolate VPX shake with 1/4 of a banana.


But….WOW! the papaya.

To get moving this morning, it was 20 minutes between the Elliptical and the Treadmill. 30 minutes of shoulders and abs. A 4.15 mile run/walk with Shane.

Ted’s off on a golfing excursion with his buds today.  Hope the weather works out well for them over the weekend.  It has been a trip well planned and long awaited.

Enjoy your Friday and make sure to check back later for a First Communion Cake.

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  • At 2009.05.01 15:21, shesimmers said:

    Oh, as someone who’s originally from Southeast Asia, I live and breathe papaya. A lot of people find the smell off-putting and I can see that. Me? Whenever I see chubby, golden, rip papayas, I pounce on them. I like to eat my papaya fresh mostly, but sometimes I put it in smoothies or make ice cream with it. David Lebovitz also has a really good papaya cake recipe in his Ripe for Desserts book.

    • At 2009.05.01 19:01, Soma said:

      We had trees in our home back in India! Too much to eat, so much that i started detested it.. we always always had papaya in the house:-D .. It is supposed to be extremely healthy. We would just have fresh.. no nothing on it. But my mom would make chutney with the raw ones.. it would be grated, sweet But with Lime/lemon & ginger.. I love that more than anything else.

      • At 2009.05.01 21:11, applec said:

        sheshimmers: I didn’t know D.L had a dessert book! I’ll have to check that out. Love his recipes.
        Soma: Thanks for your comment. What a great tree to have in your backyard. Fresh with nothing on it is exactly how my hubby and I enjoyed it this morning.

        • At 2009.05.04 11:55, Linda Silverman said:

          I love the big papayas, but I too don’t like the inside smell of the Mexican ones. I’ve been eating papayas from Belize a Caribbean Red variety which tastes great and has a nice fragrance too.

          • At 2009.05.04 16:12, applec said:

            Linda: That Mexican Papaya “thing” is interesting. I’m going to have to try one because the ones I’ve had are anything but bad smelling.

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