by Joanne on March 24, 2009

Some of us are gadget people and others could care less. This blogger is a gadget fanatic.  This is only a few of the items found around this house:  food dehydrator, flat bread maker, regular bread maker, food processor, 4 blenders, coffee press, coffee pots, coffee bean grinder, orange peeler, various style graters, meat thermometers, candy thermometers, funky styled pots and pans that are for all different cooking variations….the list continues.  

This morning, while putting in the miles on the tread mill, a commercial appeared advertising some type of egg cooker.  “Ah Ha! I have one of those!”  The egg cooker was dug out from way, way back in the cupboards.  It has been so long since it was used and was originally purchased by my mother.  It seems that egg cooker may have made several location moves with us from Massachusetts to Texas to New York (here we are talking over 30 years.  Jeesh! Hope I’m wrong!   Old wizard:10315).

Getting on with it and to make this already long story shorter…. it worked!  Using our dear Shane as a test subject, 3 eggs were boiled and the result was beautiful!  So our future egg timing woes have ended.  Alas! An old gadget resurrected!

Oster Egg Cooker

Oster Egg Cooker

Before all this egg-citement  😉 ……
I had a good leg workout, preceded by a 30 minute run, followed by a 3 + mile walk will Shane. 
Breakfast was 1/2 a grapefruit, a Tropical Fruit Spiru Tein Shake (still trying to figure out if I enjoy this brand or not), 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats, 1 TBS Buckwheat Groats, 1 tsp raisins and a pinch of apple pie spice.
My day doesn’t look too challenging, how about yours? Hope it’s a good one!
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  • At 2009.03.24 11:19, Danielle said:

    What a fun gadget, when I have a bigger kitchen I will definitely have so many gadgets to use, I always want to buy them but don’t have the room to store them.

    • At 2009.03.24 11:27, Debi said:

      My newest favorite gadget is a paddle attachment for my Kitchen Aide stand mixer. It has rubber “wings” that automatically scrape the bowl as it mixes. No more stopping to scrape the sides of the bowl! It’s made by Beaterblade and may be found on for $24.95…love it!

      • At 2009.03.24 13:27, applec said:

        Danielle: The draw back to a bigger kitchen is that you begin getting ALL those gadgets then you STILL end up with no space…you bought too many!

        Debi: That sounds really handy. Espec. when mixing my frostings.

        • At 2009.03.24 13:28, Hélène said:

          Never heard of that gadget. Thanks for talking about it. Have a great day!

          • At 2009.03.31 07:31, Nothing Fancy « said:

            […] While pulling out my little egg cooker (previously mentioned in “Gadgets“), the lid fell off and broke leaving glass chips in the cupboard and on the floor.  […]

            • At 2009.04.13 08:36, An Orange Shake « said:

              […] The other day, Nancy sent me a magazine after seeing the post on Gadgets. […]

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