Raise a Green Beer

by Joanne on March 13, 2009


The St. Patrick’s Day parade is this weekend in Utica and Syracuse.  Syracuse throws quite the celebration but it’s almost an hour away so we probably won’t venture out to their parties.  If we go out, we’ll see what happy faces we can find in Utica. Places are crowded and it typically centers around one street, Varick Street.  Sure Tiny’s Grill has specials and that does get a crowd, but the bars are lined up on Varick so naturally that’s the popular place.


We don’t drink much, and I don’t really like beer so we’ll see how bored we get tomorrow and if the “symptoms” are severe, we will get our “green” on.

Shane gettin' his "Green On"

Shane gettin' his "Green On"


I was alone in the gym this morning. No Ted.  He took a day off.  I did an easy “recovery” workout. 35 minutes of working biceps then Shane and I went for a 4 miler down the Parkway.

Breakfast was 1/2 a grapefruit, Smooth Banana shake with FUZE, and a mixture of Cream of Rice and Cream of Rye hot cereals with my Sugar Cookie tea bag, cinnamon,  peanut butter, and raisins.

It’s off to a fun filled Friday. Hope yours is!


I forgot to insert my breakfast pic at home and it looks a little crappy because it had to be printed, scanned and uploaded at work – such a to do and all I got was a crappy, grainy image. 🙁 Oh well – TGIF for sure!

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  • At 2009.03.13 09:21, Danielle said:

    Oh my gosh Shane is too cute with his St. Patty’s day beads!

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