A Friends Trip to Tennessee

by Joanne on March 13, 2009

Our friends, Nancy and Bob, spent last week in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  Nancy sent me some gorgeous pictures and a recap of their trip. If you’ve never been to this area, her description and pictures will make you want to go.  Thanks Nancy for such a lovely “virtual tour”.


A View From the Balcony. The Smokey Mountains

“So, we are back from Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains are gorgeous, even in winter!  One day we took a drive through the mountains to Asheville, NC (they extend through Tennessee AND North Carolina, which i didn’t know) and stopped at the house Bob’s folks used to live in.  Very sweet trip.  We chose a terrific week to be there, weather-wise.  Sunday we had trouble getting out as we purposely chose a flight thru Atlanta thinking we’d never have a problem w/weather – – boy, were we ever wrong!  Atlanta airport was shut down because of SNOW! ….. we got onto flights from Buffalo thru Detroit (where it was clear and dry!) arriving about 3:30 instead of our supposed 11:15 am.  …… The rest of the week couldn’t have gone better.  Our place at Wyndham Smoky Mountainswas 1100 sf of beautiful comfort w/a balcony overlooking Mt. LeComte, one of the highest peaks in the range.  It had snowed in Tennessee also on Sunday, so Monday when we explored Gatlinburg 

Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg, TN

 it was chilly (35), but the snow-covered beauty was spectacular.  We went up in a chair lift and it was just gorgeous.  And the next day it was gone, so we really felt privileged to see it that way.  Tuesday was near 50 and Wednesday near 60; Thursday, Friday and Saturday were high 60s,low 70s and bright sunshine every day.  I dearly would’ve liked another couple of days…  we spent my birthday in the National Park,

On the way to the National Park

On the way to the National Park

Inside the Ntl. Park

Inside the Ntl. Park

Waterfall in the Park

Waterfall in the Park

hiking and exploring the waterfalls which were seriously rushing.  I got b’day kisses from an almost 4-yr. old golden retriever “Sage” and more kisses later from a beautiful reddish brown horse w/white blaze out in a field.  I was missing my boy DJ, but those encounters helped a little!

Cades Cove

Cades Cove, a gorgeous section,settled back in early 1800s. This place must be truly spectacular in fall.


the view from the skylift in Gatlinburg

That looked like a great trip! I just have one question… Where’s the food? What did you eat? Was it good?  ….. I’ll get those details later. 🙂 

My favorite pictures are the first and the last one:  Smoky Mtns. from the balcony and the view from the skylift. They look surreal. Most importantly though – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!    

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  • At 2009.03.13 16:38, VeggieGirl said:

    LOVELY scenery!!

    • At 2009.03.13 20:19, arfi said:

      I follwed Stephen Fry journey in America and one of them was in Tennessee. It was just wonderful to see people from different cultures (an accent!) 🙂 nice to know you and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

      • At 2009.03.14 08:37, Danielle said:

        Amazing pictures, I can’t imagine living somewhere like that and having that view. Thanks for sharing these pics Nancy!

        • At 2009.03.14 09:34, applec said:

          Thanks for your comments, guys! Nancy and Bob had such a wonder time. That scenery sure makes you want to go, doesn’t it?!

          • At 2009.04.03 22:35, Fernando said:

            i’m going for spring break and its gonna snow! i went last year and it just got a dusting but this time they expect 5-10 inches in downtown 1-2 feet in the mountains! its gonna snow more in spring break than winter break last year!? this city has some crazy weather…its like tallahassee

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