Those little sections

by Joanne on March 2, 2009

Don’t you just love finding those little orange sections when you split your orange in half?  They are so sweet and, for some reason, more fun to eat.


Yes, it is Monday once again.  Good things happening this week in Utica. It is the annual Heart Run and Walk to benefit the American Heart Association.  I’m looking forward to working at the Utica Road Runner table at the Expo on Friday from 9 – 11 AM.  I haven’t decided whether I will run the 5 mile, 3 mile, or walk with Shane on the 3 mile walk.  I’m waiting to see what the weather is like because last year, I ran the 3 mile in the pouring, cold (let me emphasize.. COLD) rain.  It wasn’t really that much fun.  Ted  said he may do the walk with Shane as well and that would be a lot of fun. 

This morning, instead of running to keep in the mood for the coming weekend, I decided I was getting “stale” and needed to switch it up a bit. I rowed for 20 minutes and ran for 10. Did a really good chest and bicep workout. I used heavier weight and tried to vary the exercises a bit. Not by much, we don’t have a lot of variety with our equipment.

Breakfast, following my prework out shake of 1 scoop VPX, was 1/2 and orange, 1/4 cup Cream of Rice cooked with a Vanilla Maple Tea Bag for flavor. I added some dried cranberries and a spoonful of my VPX with FUZE post workout shake to cool it down.


Not sure what’s on the agenda for today, but inevitably I can’t put off rewriting that QC manual forever so if nothing urgent comes up, that’s on the list.

You all have a great Monday and if you’re in the area, PLEASE let me know if you are doing the Heart Run and if I will see you at the table on Friday morning. I’d love to say “hi”.  🙂

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  • At 2009.03.02 11:44, VeggieGirl said:

    Good luck with your Monday!!

    • At 2009.03.02 15:34, Mike said:

      Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

      • At 2009.03.02 18:04, Danielle said:

        Those little orange sections are my favorite part to eat, I always save those for last!

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