Beer and Fortune Telling

by Joanne on February 20, 2009

In our recessive economy, what might be a real good business venture for this year?  Apparently the beer industry and fortune telling sectors are doing quite well.  Alcohol and ESP… hmm?!     

Enough business news, lets move on…

This morning was my Friday off from working out.  I took Shane out for a 3 mile walk which wasn’t the most pleasant so far this week.  Two tiny snow tornadoes were spotted. Swirling snow zipping along in front of us like early morning ghosts in the streets of Utica, it was obviously windy.  Traction was poor because the roads were iced over.  We saw people shovelling their driveways from the plows that had put a small wall at the end so they couldn’t get the car out.  We saw one shivering cold young lady waiting for the Utica bus.  Two men were out walking, one with a little dog that he picked up and carried.  All Upstaters are wondering when will it end at this point.

Breakfast had to be a hot one to get through and warm the bones.  It was Bob’s Red Mill Steel cut oats with a TBS of Buckwheat groats. They were cooked with sliced plums. 1/2 of a yellow and 1/2 of a purple.  I topped the oats with Nutty Granola.  On the side, I had the other two plum 1/2’s and tried to detect a difference between the two varieties. It was subtle.  The yellow was more firm and the purple, slightly sweeter.  Both were good.

My protein shake was a Jay Robb Chocolate with FUZE. 

Plum Varieties

Plum Varieties

* Those aren’t “JellyFish” David. 😉

BRM Steel Cut, Buckwheat Groats, Cooked Plums and Nutty Granola

BRM Steel Cut, Buckwheat Groats, Cooked Plums and Nutty Granola

I took a picture of my snack today (for about 10:30AM) because I was able to find one of the best Greek style yogurts yesterday while at Price Chopper.  It is “Chobani“.  If you enjoy yogurt, this one is worth trying.  I added some almonds, dried fruit, as well as a TBS of Nutty Granola.

Chobani Snack

Chobani Snack

I did get quite a bit accomplished prior to the drive into work. Baked 2 pie shells, cooked 3 sweet potatoes, added the 1st Dough formation and kneaded my San Francisco Sour Dough, vacuumed the formal dining room.  I’m movin’!!!!

So the agenda, not sure if I’ll be posting tonight. Definitely will find time in the morning. But Sunday – make sure you check in later on Sunday because Saturday evening we have a Wine and Food Pairing event and I hope my post is really worth the read.  You should be able to find some interesting recipes, eats and wine pairing information.  Stay tuned… and have a great FRIDAY!!!!
I just ran the spell check and there is DEFINITELY something wrong with my brain today! 

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