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by Joanne on February 16, 2009

Can you believe it is already Monday?!  Get up and get energized because the week begins again (technically, some start the week on Sunday.. not me).

The alarm went off and I was NOT ready for it, but up I got.  Ted insists I mumbled something, which I am denying but then again, I could have been sleep walking to the bathroom. 

Today was a chest workout with biceps.  I could not, in any way, get my pre-workout shake down. I ate too many greens and beans last night which apparently had not digested, at least they didn’t feel digested.  Not having the shake didn’t seem to bother me because I was able to get through 4 miles on the treadmill and a good 42 minutes of chest and biceps.  Shane and I walked about 3 miles.

Chest and Biceps:  4 sets 12 repetitions each.

  • Using the cable machine and incline bench: Incline chest press + concentration curls.
  • Using the incline bench and dumb bells, incline flies + hammer curls
  • Using the cable machine, standing chest press + incline bench bicep curls.
  • Again, cable machine, pec crossovers + curl bar bicep curls.
  • Feet up on bench, push ups + ball crunches.

Not a bad workout for a Monday.

Breakfast was Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain Cereal with an Oolong orange-mango tea bag. I added 1 tsp raisins.  A Jay Robb shake with raspberries. 1/2 a grapefruit.

A monday morning breakfast

A monday morning breakfast

We watched a pretty good DVD last night:  Appaloosa.   I fell asleep about 3/4 way through, not because it was boring but because I was pretty tired.  I really like Rene Zellweger and can’t wait to see her new movie that’s out.


We are busy getting ready for a quality inspection at work tomorrow, Tuesday.  One of our bigger customer’s is coming in so everyone is in cleaning mode and checking to make sure all paperwork is in place. 

Hope your day goes well.

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