A Healthy Tip for a Fab Thursday

by Joanne on January 29, 2009

This was a great tip from Ideal Bite

 What words won’t break your bones?

The Bite
Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Eat tasty foods, such as yogurt, that contain these nutrients to keep your bones strong enough to withstand even the nastiest trash talk – no supplements (and no meat, for you vegetarians) necessary.

The Benefits
Less hurt. Deficiencies in calcium or vitamin D, for example, can cause debilitating health problems such as osteoporosis (aka holes in your bones).

  • Inviting some complimentary words. Good bone health makes it easier to have good posture – and a good-lookin’ frame.
  • We’re talkin’ veg-friendly. There are great foods that help you get your calcium without resorting to meat or even dairy.

Personally Speaking
Jenifer happily traded her artificially flavored calcium “caramel” chews for full-fat, cream-at-the-top Brown Cow yogurt to fill her quota.

Wanna Try?
Calcium – keeps your bones strong and dense. Get it in dairy products (especially yogurt), nuts, seaweeds, and seeds. (Try this calculator to find out how much you need.)

  • Vitamin D – helps your body absorb calcium. Get it in fortified dairy and grain products (cereal is often fortified with vitamin D), and a little sun exposure each day. (Calculator here.)
  • Magnesium – also strengthens your bones. Get it in breads and cereals, hummus, legumes, nuts, seaweeds, and spinach. (Calculator here.)
  • Phosphorous – another bone density helper. Get it in dairy products, nuts, seeds, seaweeds; many calcium-rich foods contain phosphorus. (No calculator, but the Feds recommend adults get 700 milligrams per day.)
  • Lower your sodium intake when you can – it can deplete these needed nutrients.



Today started out the usual way, except that my hamstring was still bothering me so I had to do strictly the ET this morning for 30 minutes.  I stuck to just a walk with Shane because when I started to jog a little, the hamstring would go tight.  I did a pretty good shoulder workout. I never seem really thrilled with my workout unless I have pumped out miles on the treadmill or down the road.  Running seems to stimulate me more so than any other exercise.


Breakfast was a good VPX shake with FUZE.  The cereal was 1/3 cup Bobs Red Mill 5 Grain Cereal with 1 tsp Naturally More Peanut Butter and a little piece of Quaker’s Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Granola Bar.    The fruit today was the last 1/2 of the grapefruit from yesterday.






The peanut butter and granola was mixed in while the cereal was nice and hot.  Even though you might opt for cereal every morning, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can mix up the add -ins to get quite a creative bowl of goodness.


Last night, I was feeling so picky so I actually opened that Quaker granola bar last night. It was by far the best yet. Real good – recommended!





peanut butter and granola close up

peanut butter and granola close up








We felt so bad for this little bird. He looked so cold and the feeder was piled up with snow.  At least he had some good eats.


a cold bird

a cold bird



That’s all for today. Come back tonight for a CEimB night.  We are doing a pork dish and …. I’ll do the same recipe for me but “pork-less”.  See ya later!

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  • At 2009.01.29 12:04, Jennifer said:

    It really depends on whether or not you want to be able to tell the apples are in there. Adding them at the beginning per the recipe results in them cooking down completely. I would have prefered to have them firm so I could taste them and actually tell they were in the slaw mixture!
    good luck cooking tonight. I hope you like the recipe!

    • At 2009.01.29 16:37, applec said:

      Thanks for the tip. I like apples any which way but for slaw…it would seem a little “crunch” is in order.

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