Where's the Thaw

by Joanne on January 20, 2009

We should be having a day or so of “winter thaw”, but the opposite is the only forecast ahead.¬† More cold temps and snow moving in. Oh Yay ūüôĀ

This morning, I was achy. It shouldn’t have been due to the 1/2 hour of yoga last night. You see I grabbed one of the CD’s from Kripalu¬†and went downstairs to the yoga room. I was doing yoga quite regularly a year ago, then Shane came along and I sort of gave it up. I do daily stretches however no vinyasas. Last night was a fairly easy power routine.¬†¬†Where was I going with this?.. oh yeah… I was achy this morning. I decided to forego the running initially and do the Elliptical.¬†¬†After 20 minutes, I¬†hopped on the treadmill to finish 15 minutes running.

Leg Workout Tuesday: 45 minutes

  • 8 sets¬†x 20 Leg Presses + 20 reps. ¬†Ball Crunches x 8 sets
  • 8 sets x 20 Walking lunges + 20 reps. Cable Crunches x 8 sets
  • 4 sets x 20 seated calf raises + 20 reps. Bench crunches x 4 sets.

Shane and I went outside for a 36 minute walk/jog.  The result, according to CalorieKing was 660 cals. burned.  The following breakfast (including my pre workout VPX shake (80 cals) registered in at 435 cals.

  • 1 VPX shake – pre workout
  • 1 VPX shake – post workout
  • 1 pear
  • 1/3 + Cream of Rye Cereal (I say + because there was a smidge left in the bottom so I added it.) + 1/2 of the pear, peeled and chopped + pumpkin pie spice.
Cream of Rye Cereal cooked with 1/2 peeled, chopped pear and VPX

Cream of Rye Cereal cooked with 1/2 peeled, chopped pear and VPX

It’s inauguration day for our President Elect. By noon, he will be our new President.¬† We need change.¬†We have elected to Office a younger man to lead us, to look upon for reassurance.¬† The situation can only get better but it will be a fight, a very tough fight and we need to be very smart and strong to survive.¬†

Go into this Tuesday with faith and courage.  Look to a brighter future.

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