Not sure what to think

by Joanne on January 20, 2009

I dropped off my computer from work to get an upgrade. It was time. It went through a period of chugging when turned off. Then it decided it didn’t really want to turn off… it still stalls on shut down at least 2 -3 times a week.  Before the big crash, I thought it best to bite the bullet.  Now I’m not sure what to think… should I look forward to the new computer or should I dread what tomorrow holds when trying to access all my programs and files?  The computer “guy” has set aside 4 hours to address any issues. That may seem like a lot, but both he and I concurred that based upon past experience, we may use those hours and then some.   Lets all keep our fingers and toes crossed.

Tonight’s eats…         Swordfish tb_toon_swordfish_shark_p

This recipe was followed pretty much measure for measure and ingredient for ingredient. It’s from my new book… “Mediterranean Lite” page 284.  The changes were:  Used 1 big swordfish steak, about 1.2 lbs (not cut into chunks). Used Turmeric, not cumin (didn’t have any) in marinade.  Broiled in oven not on the grill… in upstate New York, in the middle of winter… there isn’t an outdoor grill to be found, unless of course you’re a grilling die hard and have the grill set up in your garage. I used cherry tomatoes and 1 large plum tomato.


  • I cut the swordfish in 1/2.
  • Put 3 tomato slices and 3 lemon slices on bottom of pan, suitable for broiling
  • Put the fish on top. Scattered the rest of the tomato and lemon around the fish.
  • Broiled for 10 minutes per side.

The other items to accompany this meal are:

1. Beans.  Now I somehow have been forgetting to add beans to my evening meals. I was told that beans were important in my strict diet so I should make them a dinner staple, simply leave out the potatoes and bread. No bother to me, I inhale the bread on Fridays and cheat a little throughout the weekend. Potatoes, I don’t miss but will incorporate a sweet potato in my lunch from time to time. It dawned on me that maybe, JUST maybe, the lack of those high quality “beany” carbs was the reason why running in the morning has become somewhat difficult to look forward to.  It could also be winter treadmill running boredom, but for this purpose, we will assume it is “bean negligence“.   I’ll have to monitor the results over the next few weeks and see if adding 1/2 cup of beans at dinner makes a difference.


2. Vegetable.  Broccoli with Sliced Green Pepper and a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme. Simply steamed, a little s & p to taste. By the way, if you’ve been checking in from time to time you may have noticed we eat a lot of broccoli and asparagus.  Those veg were also recommended to us as a daily staple. If they aren’t included at breakfast or lunch, I try to include them at night.

The consensus of tonights dinner:img_1816 It was ok. Ted wondered what the funky tasting sauce was on the fish. He said it was kind of sweet and sour. I totally didn’t get that but … different strokes…you know?

We have the DVD “Mamma Mia” and might watch it tonight. We saw it live in NYC over a year ago and it was fantastic.

Everyone, enjoy your night. Ta Ta.

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  • At 2009.01.21 01:22, Juliet said:

    I hope it all works out with your computer!

    • At 2009.01.21 08:37, applec said:

      Me too… holding my breath.

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