by Joanne on January 19, 2009

As I forced myself through the first 2 miles on the treadmill, I was thinking there was no way I was doing 4 miles on it this morning. It was a struggle. After those first 2 miles though, it was a little easier and I did manage the 4 miles in 35 minutes.

The weight workout for the day was chest and biceps which is where the “pinned” comes in.

I decided to do 8 sets of chest presses at an incline coupled with 8 sets of rope curls.  12 repetitions of everything.  While on the last set of chest presses, I decided to lower the weight just a little lower, I was getting tired. There was nothing left to push it up. I lowered it to my chest. With everything I had, I got it up to the first set of rack rests.  The bar was slightly touching my throat.  I lifted it again and got it down on my stomach, sat up and thought ..”now what?” Tried to lift it from there. Nope.  Lied back down, shimmied the bar up to my chest, HEAVED and up to the first rack rest… at neck level once again.  Took a few breaths, began feeling sorry for myself, HEAVED again and go the bar up to the 2nd set of rests. Finally I could squirm out.  Where was Ted you ask?  Well, he was STILL in bed!  Fine morning for me to decide to pin myself.. the one where there is no Ted in sight. 

After the 8 chest press sets, I went on to flies using 10, 12, 15, 20 lb dumb bells. 8 reps again x 12. The flies were coupled with bicep cable curls, 8 x 12.  Ended with 4 sets x 12 of decline push ups, feet up on the bench.

My walk with Shane was an enjoyable 2.77 miles.  We only walked. The snow was gently falling. Not stinging the eyes and there was no wind. 

Food For Monday, Pre and Post Workout

  • 1 scoop Dymatize Smooth Banana – pre workout
  • 1 scoop Dymatize Smooth Banana – post workout with 1/2 cup frozen raspberries, water, ice and a little FUZE
  • 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut oats , 1 small banana cooked with oats, apple pie spice
  • 3 strawberries
Steel Cut Oats cooked with Banana

Steel Cut Oats cooked with Banana

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  If you are fortunate to have it off work, do something special with your day. If not, make the most of this day anyway – it won’t happen again.

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