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by Joanne on January 13, 2009

Yesterday my new pair of winter runners arrived.  I’m not a Nike sneaker person anymore – just their clothes. I switched to Saucony as my brand of choice and remain pretty faithful to them, however, when I was doing a search for winter/weatherproof running shoes, the Nike Structure Triax II came up on sale. I tried them out this morning and they’re great!  I would have bought Saucony but didn’t see what I was looking for in the description. 

Nike Structure Triax II

Nike Structure Triax II

Getting out of bed was a real chore. The alarm went off and it was a total surprise. I was having a great dream and at a really good point where I just wanted to finish it. Can’t remember what it was but I DO remember it was a good one. 

I did get out of bed … about 2 minutes later than normal. I know this  because I always glance at the clock on Ted’s side of the bed to check the time while on the way to the bathroom.  Once downstairs, I had a Dymatize Smooth Banana shake.  Managed to pump out 26 minutes on the T/M and 10 minutes on the Elliptical.  Then I heard the weather for the next 4 days. I decided I had to get Shane out for a long walk/jog today because we probably wouldn’t be going far in the sub zero weather that was headed our way. 

My leg workout was a quicky, 20 minutes.  I did 4 sets of everything, 12 reps., with hardly a breath or a sip of water in between.  I left all the weights Ted had on the equipment and didn’t change anything to speed things up.

  • Squats + Leg Curls 
  • Dead Lifts + Leg Extensions
  • Leg Presses + Seated Calf Raises (Did 20 reps each of these two)
  • 50 crunches.

We managed a 4.12 mile walk/jog today in about 50 or so minutes.

Breakfast was Bobs Red Mill Steel Cut Oats cooked with a Vanilla Chai Tea bag and 1/2 chopped,peeled apple.  The shake was another scoop of Dymatize Elite Smooth Banana with about 1/2 cup FUZE and 20 fresh raspberries. I had the 1/2 apple that was left on the side.


I came across a great site yesterday while surfing:  Beyond Salmon  Helen, the blog owner, teaches cooking. I expect nothing but great things when I check out her blog weekly.

Look who bid me farewell this morning on my way to work.

See ya, Jo Ted and Shane

See ya, Jo Ted and Shane

Busy day – gotta get with it. Have a super one!

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