Walking to a friends house

by Joanne on January 11, 2009

To get the system ready to move, I had 1/2 a banana with Naturally More peanut butter before Shane and I took the back roads for walking which were cleared of snow.  The MVCC parking lot was a disaster. Hopefully no one had to get in there first thing this morning because they wouldn’t have been able to drive nor walk. They need a new plow guy.  Speaking of which, ours was late – he didn’t arrive until about 7:15 and the paper dude, well he’s STILL M.I.A.

We went down some of the more travelled streets which were easier to walk along. The traffic was scant since it was Sunday morning. While strolling along, we saw Rock shovelling out his drive because the Utica plows had left quite a heap at the end of his lot which the car would no way go through.  He told me he and Jackie were doing the fried dough at the church this morning so they were up early trying to get themselves out of the house. 

Back at home, after 4.35 miles (not bad considering all the snow), breakfast was on the agenda.  Ted and I both made our different omelets, he uses whole eggs, I use Beaters.  He enjoys “Morning Star Farms Sausage” and spinach in his. I enjoy asparagus, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and spinach in mine.  I also add feta cheese and salsa.  But we BOTH had and Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bagel. Half each. Mine was tucked nicely under my omelet. Ted had his on the side smothered in peanut butter.  The fruit of the morning was grapefruit.


The bagel was great. It was a bit more moist than the Ezekiel bread. This is even after being in the freezer for 1 month.

Sunday Omelet with Ezekiel Bagel and 1/2 grapefruit

Sunday Omelet with Ezekiel Bagel and 1/2 grapefruit

On today’s agenda, I have to get my thoughts and ideas together for a baby shower cake next weekend.  Later this afternoon we are going over to none other than Rock and Jackie’s for some football and dinner.
Good lookin’ day ahead for us. How about you?
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