One Big Skating Rink

by Joanne on January 5, 2009

Had a rough time getting up this morning. That was to be expected.. Monday, the beginning of a regular work week, lots of paperwork to look forward to…on and on.  BUT… I did it!

Had a scoop of Jay Robb to wake the body up.  Ran 4 mile on the T/M.  Did 40 minutes of a back and tricep work out using the cable machine, coupled with ab crunches on the ball. Walked 44 minutes with Shane for 2.8 miles. I know …sloooooww, but it was icy!

The back/bi’s & abs went like this:

  • 20 – 18 – 15 – 12 reps of Wide Grip Lat  pull downs. Ab Crunches. One arm tricep overhead extensions.
  • 18 – 15 – 12 – 12 reps of V Grip Pulldowns. Ab Crunches. 2 Arm overhead tricep extensions.
  • 20 – 18 – 15 – 12 reps of V Grip Mid Back Rows. Ab Crunches. One Arm Tricep Extensions while balancing over the ball.
  • 18 – 15- 15- 12 reps of Wide Grip Mid Back Rows. Ab Crunches. Tricep dips off the bench.

The weather was warmer at 30 degrees when walking but way to icy to enjoy the double digits. We managed to get it done.

I cooked up some medium grain brown rice to use for lunches through the week. It usually lasts us until Thursday.  This is the first time I’ve tried medium grain (or was it short grain?). Hope we like it. Smelled good.

For breakfast, it was 1 scoop Smooth Banana Whey Protein. About 3 oz of fresh raspberries. Lots of Ice and Water.  The oats today were Silver Palate Thick and Rough with cinnamon and raisins.


That’s all for now. Better get cracking. OH! One thing: Thanks to Bonnie and her family for being such GREAT customers of Apple Crumbles. They offer such wonderful feedback and have been so patient with me over the years when I’ve botched a cake or two. But this last order, they really made my day because they enjoyed the Carrot Cake and Almond Torte so much. Anytime you guys! Take care.

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