Staying warm in the single digits

by Joanne on January 2, 2009

Good Friday Morning.  I relied on Ted and his alarm this morning to wake us both up since I wasn’t going to get into any weight lifting this morning. He hit the snooze button 2 times  and so we were a bit late on the “git up”. 

I managed 35 aerobic minutes:  25 on the T/M doing incline work at about 5.5 mph.  10 minutes of rowing.   Got good and warmed up for my 9 degree walk with Shane and because I started out nice and warm, it really wasn’t unbearable walking in that weather.  There was no wind either and that helps. So we were out there 35 minutes which landed us home at 7 AM, just as Ted was pulling out of the drive to come looking for us since he said we were late and was concerned. How nice! He still loves me in 2009 (or was he REALLY concerned for Shane’s safety?).

Began all the above with a scoop of VPX protein.  Breakfast was a Jay Robb Protein Shake, nothing added but water and ice.  1/3 cup Cream of Rye + Apple Pie Spice + 1 tsp raisins.  Apple on the side. I shared a slice of apple with Shane because it was another tasteless, soft apple specimen. 



It feels like a Monday today since we had the last couple of days off. Good thing it’s not, there’s enough to do today, on a Friday, and even more to do when Monday does finally arrive.   Today is my mother’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUM!  She looks great and, although she doesn’t like to exercise, she zips around the house like a whirling dervish.  Good for you, Mum. 

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