Stormy Preparations

by Joanne on December 19, 2008

Schools are already closing and the storm hasn’t even hit yet. Guess that means they’re really expecting a whopper. 

I’ll start with today’s breakfast, then offer a recap of last nights activities.

1.  Had 1/2 a banana to get me through the walk/run with Shane. We went for about 55 minutes and almost 5 miles.








2.  My breakfast was 1/3 cup Thick and Rough S.P. oats with cinnamon, 1 tsp raisins, 1 chopped date, 1TBS Vanilla Nut Butter.

3.  I had a small apple that I shared with Ted and my Jay Robb protein, with FUZE.









Christmas Party

Lets move to the LMCO Christmas party at the Hook, Line and Sinker. The Hook as locals call it, is a great seafood restaurant in New Hartford that has been around for as long as I can remember… at least 20 years!  It has gone through some menu changes but looks about the same regarding decor.  The worst change they made, in my book, is the bread. They used to bring out a wonderful loaf of piping hot bread. Now they bring out a couple of sourdough rolls.

The LMCO party was in one of the back rooms. This year the organizers did everyone a favor and took 1/2 of an adjoining room so we didn’t feel like we were to be listed on the menu as “packed sardines”.   As usual, it was a fun, smiling crowd with all sorts of stories to tell.  

The girl serving drinks caught me snapping a few pics. and said “OK.. I GOTTA ask..???”  I fessed up. 

Here are my indulgences:




The opening feature was a glass of Chardonnay. Didn’t catch the name.  It was my only option other than red… no red for me, it was a week night.


christmas-partys-015Trying to cram as much food as possible onto smaller than cup-saucer plates, we have:

Shrimp (out of this world delicious!), a stuffed mushroom, greens, artichoke dip, cheese with mustard, 3 tri-color tortillas.  A roll and a fruit skewer.

I didn’t eat the fruit, instead I traded Ted for more cheese.  The shrimp, I went back for seconds (as well as MORE cheese). I had about 3/4 of the roll with the cheese and mustard in it. Couldn’t eat the greens as I discovered they had meat in them. The artichoke dip was really good, but as we all know it’s loaded and prob. had mayo in it which is tough for me to handle.  I tasted it then passed it to Ted.  The stuffed mushroom was ok – the stuffing was a bit on the mushy side so it didn’t go over well with my finicky texture preferences.   My stomach began complaining about the uncleanliness of my eating throughout the day and we left around 8:15pm.   But not before we eye balled (didn’t touch mind you …) the desserts:

Festive cookies

Festive cookies


I would have taken people pics, but didn’t know too many so stuck to just a few food pictures.

It was a fun time and thank you LMCO folk! … and my hubby for inviting me on such a fun date. 🙂


Today is busy – I was in work earlier than normal that’s why this is being posted from work. We’re expecting that nasty storm. Sue is out today. It’s also the last day before Ted and I go on our weeks vacation to S.C.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate because we have some golf plans and lots of outdoor time.  

That’s all for now – have a super day. I’ll be trying to get that Torte recipe up as well as the Merry Christmas Teddy page. Keep a look out.

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