Party Fun

by Joanne on December 18, 2008

We had a festive lunch at C-Flex. Everyone was very happy to offer well wishes to Teddy in Iraq and enjoyed the eats while doing it.  I didn’t get great food shots because I was busy snapping individual pics for the “Merry Christmas Teddy” page soon to be posted. 

The food menu, from Thurston’s



We ordered:

  • Meatless Thurston’s Combo which is Pasta Fagioli, Greens and Beans. 
  • Sampler Basket:   Chicken tenders, Onion Rings, Fries, and it was suppose to have mozzarella sticks but they were MIA.
  • Large tossed salad
  • Large “EBA” pizza:  Everything But Anchovies. 
  • Large Veg pizza: Peppers, Mushrooms, Eggplant*

*Now I happen to be the only vegetarian here but somehow when I order the meatless stuff, it’s always the first to go!

We also had soda, Pepsi and Mountain Dew for which, if our Governor gets his way, there will be an obesity tax on next year. Seriously, that’s not a Fat Tax meaning money fat, it’s a FAT TAX meaning “you need to lose weight so here is a penalty” kind of tax.  Just don’t think that’s right nor will it render the Gov. very popular.

Here’s my plate:



As a little “teaser”, here are just a couple of pictures and preview of what’s to come:




 There was no alcohol served at the party even though it looks like that couple have been nipping at the “eggnog”.

Now it’s on to round two of the holiday fun. Ted and I are off to deliver a little torte’ surprise to Fred and Janice then to the LMCO Christmas Party.

There’s NO WAY those guys will put the hats on for me!

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