Waterproof Running Shoes

by Joanne on December 15, 2008

It’s a wonderfully mild morning in Upstate. 38 degrees.  The bad part about that is that the snow is melting and it’s ugly out there. There are so many puddles,  and the roads are mucky, there’s also a little bit of ice in places so you really have to watch your step.  I found out all this when Shane and I went for our walk.  But we’ll take it back a bit to the indoor workout.

The morning began with a VPX preworkout shake which took me through a good 45 minute 5 + mile treadmill run.  I worked my back and triceps today. 12 to 15 reps x 4 sets of each exercise.  4 exercises for the back and 4 for the triceps. This took about 35 minutes. Shane and I went out for about 45 minutes but we hit the track on the way home to toss the frisbee about in the dark.  The MVCC track wasn’t cleared of snow so no one was walking.  I decided it couldn’t get any worse trudging through the snow on the track since I stepped in a HUGE-O puddle along the road. I was wearing my fav. Merrills for winter running and it turns out, they are pretty much water proof.  My socks are not. 

Cream of Rice
Cream of Rice


  • Cream of rice
  • Apple pie spice
  • 1/8 cup Stonyfield Farms Organic F/F plain yogurt
  • 1 scoop VPX mixed with 3 oz raspberries and 1/8 cup S.F yogurt.

I also nibbled on some trail mix before leaving the house …feeling nutty. 

I’m taking a few minutes here at work to do my AM blog and guess who is puttin’ in some hours?…

shane-at-workYou guessed it! Shane!  That’s a disgusting knuckle bone he has on his “park it ” rug. Looks kind of like a big chewed apple doesn’t it?  Anyway – he’s here because the dishwasher repair guy is coming a day early – yippee!  We thought the guy would rather repair the appliance without a dog in his face. 

Alright – that’s it for my break..to work. Have a good one.

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