Greek and Greasy

by Joanne on December 3, 2008

panera-lunch-001I had the perfect day planned. I would take the jeep to get the oil changed and what-not. Get to the mall and do some serious Christmas shopping, go to Panera’s for lunch and do a little surfing and blogging. 1.  The jeep took a little longer than expected, but I held my breath and waited while gritting my teeth. 2.  Got to the mall and had to wait until some stores opened. During that time, I thought I lost my cell phone and hi-tailed it back to the Jeep. Found it…in my purse the whole time.  Back inside. Could’n’t use the discount cert.  I so wanted to use because VS didn’t have anything suitable for the intended recipient. The end result of my mall experience wasn’t all bad-just not perfect. 3.  My Panera’s plans on the other hand were really messed up. It was so obnoxiously crowded, it was unbearable!  They didn’t have any protein rich vegetarian dishes. I settled on the most greasy greek salad with a whole wheat roll and a glass of water. I think I’ll stick to my early morning coffee and free bagel bites when visiting Panera’s in the future.  The internet connection was causing problems. It was hot. I left.

To wrap up my day off from work and shopping experience, it was ok. Not perfect since Ted couldn’t go with me and lunch was not as expected. The sun WAS shining, it wasn’t snowing, and it warmed up a little. 

Tonight we take Shane for class 1 of a 4 part series in manners towards smaller dogs. Watch out Laura! Here we come!

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  • At 2008.12.03 21:59, Pam said:

    I’ve tried the Panera salads and was not impressed. The black bean soup is supposed to be good though.

    • At 2008.12.04 09:45, applec said:

      When we stopped a few weekends ago, it wasn’t bad – they kept asking if we wanted all these options that came with it…apple? or something… which bread?…etc. But yesterday, it was just a disaster. There are def. better places that accommodate vegetarians. I think Panera’s is popular in Utica because most of the items are larger portions at a reduced price. We tend to enjoy that in Utica.

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