Different Things

by Joanne on December 1, 2008

This morning I am trying a different hot cereal and the Vanilla Peanut Butter from Naturally Nutty:

monday-pics-0012  I’ll back track a bit first.  Good workout. 40 minutes of T/M running, ave. 6.7 mph. 40 minutes back and tricep weight workout, ending with stomach and some yoga moves.  36 walk/jog with Shane. 

When I first went outside, it was so wet and sloppy I thought we would just do a short walk this morning. But when we got out there, got going, it turned into such fun, I forgot about the wet mess on the ground and just kept going. Love it when that happens.

Back to breakfast… I’m all over the place today!  ….

I began with a pre workout Jay Robb shake. After walking Shane, I made a protein shake with Jay Robb, 3 oz raspberries, and some LIme-Raspberry Fruit Juice Water by Tropicana (about 1/2 cup).

monday-pics-002It was a good addition. Subtle yet there. 

The cereal was ok. Texture is like cream of rice, just slightly grainier.  I added 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 TBS Vanilla Peanut Butter by Naturally Nutty.  Not bad for a Monday morning healthy start.


Now for a few facts about this month, December…Can you believe it!???…

Today, Dec.1st is World AIDS Day.  December used to be the 10th month of the Roman year.  XMAS was originally used by churches in the early days of printing because the word Christmas was too long. December is also Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month.   Chanukah means  rededication.  It takes about 7 years to grow a Christmas tree of aveage sale height: 6 feet.  More to come. 

Everyone… today is Cyber Monday. Shop happy!

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