Blurring Vision

by Joanne on November 29, 2008

Oh – I hate these contacts! I wear the CRT lenses ….you put them in at night, sleep in them and it corrects your vision overnight. But my eyes are sore and blurred tonight. That’s my excuse for poor spelling.

We went to see a Utica College Hockey game tonight with friends: Rocko, Jackie, Bob, Nancy. It was great fun. photo1-3   Then we all went on to Cavallo’s for dinner.  I didn’t take many pics since I was playing with my new phone and trying to figure it out. You’ll be happy to know that I haven’t included the 5 to 6 pictures of the floor, the seats, my leg, my foot…..Geesh! I hate new technology!  Back to dinner… Ted had the yummy (if you eat meat and high calories) Cavallo’s Signature Tunnel sandwich which was sausage, meatballs, sauce on a huge roll covered with mozzarella:  photo1-2

My dinner was Haddock Francaise which wasn’t too bad except very greasy looking. My stomach would have been very vocal if I had engaged in all that grease, so I dissected it slightly by removing the topping.  The picture is pre-dissection:

photo1Also note the veggie bowl.  The waitress told me “a steamed vegetable”… sorry…didn’t believe it when I saw the CANNED MIX! 

I don’t mean to sound displeased, because it really wasn’t bad and the company actually made the dinner extra special.

My eyes are winning this fight, I’m going to give in. Hope you have some really pleasant dreams…good night.

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