Pounding Turkey

by Joanne on November 26, 2008

robinHoly Big Bird, Batman!  I’m sure Robin would’ve said that.  The turkeys from C-Flex weighed in at about 21+ lbs each. We give employees free fresh turkeys every year.  It works out well for most who eat the illustrious bird. For those who don’t… Moi!, it’s another sad passing of a beautiful bird and yet another dish to prepare.  Sue and I wrestled them around, putting them outside for pick up. Almost sounds like they were still alive, doesn’t it? How sad, they have passed. It was only due to the weightiness of our former feathered friends that Sue and I struggled.  

One of the few advantages of living in a colder climate is that we don’t have to worry about lack of refrigerator space…know what I mean?!  It’s about 34 degrees outside today.  How lucky are we??!!!

I didn’t snap a shot of lunch as it was my standard broccoli slaw salad with about a 1/2 cup of spinach. Instead of brown rice, which we ran out of, I had about 1/4 cup mixture of black eyed peas and white beans.  They just may provide the “turbo-power” needed for the run after work!  Clipart Illustration of a Man Smiling And Passing By While Drivi



For the protein, I topped the salad with the 3 oz packet of Pink Salmon.  Annies Raspberry Lite Vinaigrette + balsamic vinegar. I also shared a small slice of pizza with Shane that was left from last night.  This might be a bit of an over estimate but the following nutrition calcs. have been assumed:  500 cals. 28 g protein. 45 carbs. 11 g fat.   

On a happier note, the run today ebbs ever near: run-for-safety  I’m hoping the pictures come out ok since it will be dark. 

Richard is coming in for a two night visit. He will go to dinner with Debbie and Eddie, Ted and myself tonight. Then he, Debbie, Eddie and Helen will go out for Thanksgiving tomorrow while Ted and I venture up to the snowy world of Sue and Sam’s.  On Friday, we look forward to an after Thanksgiving feast with friends.  So watch for photos and do share your funny Thanksgiving moments!  Every family has them!

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