On a calm day

by Joanne on November 21, 2008

It was nice out this morning. Not temp. wise, that was a cool 23 degrees, but it wasn’t windy and it was nice and clear.  I expect that’s the last we’ll see of calm & clear for the next few days. We are in for some heavy snow.

Last nights movie wasn’t bad. A little sad but funny in parts. It could’ve moved a long a bit faster but wasn’t the worst we’ve seen: movie

This morning my alarm wasn’t set but I was wide awake at 4:10 so up I got and onto the treadmill, even though I typically declare Friday as my day off. The plan, as decided while I walked with Shane, is to do my miles this weekend with shorter runs and longer walks since my hamstring is acting up.  So, 4 miles on the t/mill this morning and a 3 3/4 fast walk with Shane.  No pressure tomorrow for a long run, I’ll just go with the flow.

The pre run shake was 1 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate. The post exercise breakfast was the protein pancake. I used 1 whole scoop of VPX, 1/3 cup of Cream of Rye (dry), 1 TBS Naturally More P-Nut Butter, 1/2 cup warm water. Let all that sit while I washed up (about 20 min.). Added 3 TBS egg white.  Set on a hot grill pan sprayed with non stick spray. Chopped up 1/3 of my JUMBO Crispin Apple and let that cook with the pancakes. This time I got 4 cakes!  Realizing I forgot my Apple Pie Spice, I sprinkled it on top of apple pcs. & cakes. Again, I sandwiched the cakes and in the middle, piled the cooked apple pcs. drizzled with 1/2 tsp. honey per cake sandwich (2).  It was too much and I wrapped up one “pancake sandwich” with 2 slices of apple to bring to work in case hunger set in with a vengeance.  I did bring a 5.3 oz cup of Oikos Plain Yogurt w/ 1 TBS of almonds & raisins for mid – morning. But you never know.  So this mornings breakfast, less the pre workout shake was about 470 calories (the JUMBO apple was about 125 calories) with 36g Protein. Wait! – I only ate 1 pancake sandwich so I’ll have to cut that in 1/2:  235 cals + 18 protein.. oh no!  But it seemed to work because I’m pretty full…. about a 6 on the hunger scale. 

protein-pancake TGIF ya’ll and see ya at Happy Hour – Yippee!

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