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by Joanne on November 21, 2008  sent an email today that had a link to a site that produces holiday cards with plant seeds attached. I thought, what a great idea.  Check it out at:  Kind of neat for the holidays. 

Last year, one of our vendors sent a gift which was simply a fir seedling, its roots wrapped in burlap. I kept it going all winter our kitchen window and come spring, we planted it in the center birm which runs the length of our back yard. 


 I call it “Shane’s tree” because I received it about the same time I brought Shane home as a puppy.  It’s still out there growing strong.  Not that our yard needs anymore trees (I’m reading Ted’s thoughts).

Look what I found way down in the uttermost depths of my purse today… dental floss! But look at this cute container:  


So cool!  I’m a floss fanatic. Ever since my black bean experience… that’s another long, embarrassing story!

For lunch I packed a big broccoli slaw salad with the usual additions: cucumber, radish, cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, brown rice. I added Chicken of The Sea Pack Salmon and topped it with Annies Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette and a little balsamic.  After that, I wanted something else and began eating my “protein pancake” from this morning. It was SO good-even cold! It really satisfied the sweet tooth!  I might start making a few of them and have them instead of protein bars which contain questionable ingredients! I didn’t even need the whole thing, just a few bites because it’s filling and satisfying and sweet! Yum!

Tomorrow… I will check with “Self” and see if a run with Shane is in the works or simply a few miles on the T/M followed by a long walk with Mr. Shane.  There’s a severe storm warning through until Sunday at 10AM so we’ll watch the weather. I don’t mind going out in the snow – it’s those plows that scare me with their hurling salt/sand mix.

So that’ll be all before wine time. Happy Friday and enjoy your evening!

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