A Call From Teddy

by Joanne on November 18, 2008

Hey All!  We rec’vd. a call from Teddy. He sounds good & healthy. The Marines have plenty of free time at his particular location….that’s a good thing!  For the holidays, they decorate the base and have a festive meal. He already rec’vd. our Christmas pkg. but promised not to open it.  I posted his address in earlier emails.

Now for our snowy, cold day:    Shane and I walk around MV which was covered in a thin layer of fresh snow. My 90 lb GSD needs to learn that it’s slippery this time of year and slow it down a bit. My arms were flaying all over the place trying to walk fast and keep my balance while Shane was leaping up and down and lurching forward in the excitement of the cold white powder which he decided was just for him to play with.

A snowy college campus

A snowy college campus

The day began with a pre workout VPX shake. I ran  36 min. on the tread mill and then went into 40 min. of legs. A lot of squat variations today.  After that, I was ready to cool off in the 30 deg. temps. offered by the fresh morning air.Breakfast? Well, I was toying with making a protein pancake but decided on a hot bowl of Gluten Free Steel Cut oats with 1.5 oz raspberries + 1 tsp raisins and a couple of shakes of Apple Pie Spice. I added about 1/2 tsp Natural Green Stevia to offset the tartness of the raspberries. The other 1.5 oz of raspberries were blended into my Jay Robb Tropical Dreamsicle shake. Also had the left over 1/2 grapefruit from yesterday.   As for my snack… I’ll eat the apple and1 TBS nut butter mix I planned for yesterday.  
GF Steel Cut oats with Raspberries and Natural Stevia
GF Steel Cut oats with Raspberries and Natural Stevia

So if you have snow where you are… enjoy it ’cause we can’t fight it. And… if you have sun and warm weather, make sure to soak up some natural Vitamin D today – ENJOY!

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