It's Happy Hour

by Joanne on November 14, 2008

fri-afternoon-005Happy hour special at Ted & Jo’s:  Jacob’s Creek Shiraz.

Friday, as always, was non stop at work.  But I did take an extra 15 at lunch time to p/u some of my holiday baking goods.  If I get a chance, I’ll get started this weekend:

fri-afternoon-001I’m also going to make another attempt at bagels, hence the big block of yeast and whole wheat flour. The butter mints are for a peppermint pie. The nuts and M&M’s are for cookies, bars, and other yummy yums.

The Utica Heart Run and Walk app. came in the mail but I already signed up on line. If you would be so kind as to make a contribution to the American Heart Association, you can do so by checking out the “Helpful Links” on the right and clicking on “Heart Run & Walk”.  I’ll have C-Flex as a sponsor as well as a personal donation, but a $1.00 from anyone goes along way to a very reputable organizaton.  fri-afternoon-004If I can get Ted to do it, he might… maybe he’ll do the 3 mile walk with Shane. This is one of the few events that allow dogs.  9667

As for other plans, we are out to dinner tonight then again on Sunday. The Gents. from the UK and Sweden are arriving and Ted is being nice enough to accompany me on a business dinner at Dominique Chesterfield’s Sunday eve. Even though (I always stick a “t” at the end of my “though”‘s!!!- it’s sooo annoying!)  it will be a bit late for us, it should be…ummmm…eventful?!

So that’s all…keep your fingers crossed that Shane and I don’t encounter any lose dogs on our run tomorrow. I think I’ll go through the Switchbacks just to be save. At least those dogs are on leashes!  Have a great night and enjoy your Happy Hour.. and then some!

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  • At 2008.11.14 19:58, Sharon said:

    Good luck tomorrow, and have fun!

    • At 2008.11.15 11:00, applec said:

      Thanks, Sharon. It was a good run, a bit wet and we did meet up with a loose little dog, apparently named “Randy”. But we made it home in tact. Do you run?

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