Post Election

by Joanne on November 5, 2008

What a day!  All about the election results. The history made. The future questions, problems, challenges. It’s both exciting and scary.  Not being seers, we will just have to hang on to the positive aspirations of our hopes and dreams because it just won’t accomplish anything living in fear.  I think Americans made the right choice.  Now lets move forward…Ted adds  “Change has come”… “everybody else is using it.”

Frustration today. Silly software glitch that took over an hour of “fiddling” and getting no where. Finally had to get hold of a “techy” and then it was fixed in 4 minutes.  Although it was my fault, I think I will claim that the software was written without the logic of laymen ..or lack thereof…because the ultimate user really has no clue how it should work and if it isn’t spelled out or easily found like a Webster’s reference, for get it!  nov5-002



 For all you holiday bakers, Nancy sent me a great reference for all sorts of goody recipes. Check it out (I also put it on the Recipe page):   Thanks Nancy! 9535

For lunch, I used up the tofu from last night and gobbled down a huge spinach salad.  I eat WAY too fast … should really slow it down.nov5-001


Tonight, using eggbeaters, whites, and the addition of 2 whole eggs, we are having a Morning Star Frittata.  What is a frittata you ask?  Oh let me tell:   It is a one dish, open faced omelette.  Frittata is an italian omelette. You will prepare it on the stove top in a skillet then finish it in the oven.  You don’t flip it nor fold it.  It’s a wonderfully easy meal.  We had it with peas… check Recipe page for details “Morning Star Frittata”.  nov5-003nov5-006


Another movie tonight,  get-smart-002“Get Smart”.  We’ll let you know how it is.  Last nights flick “Death Defying Acts” was good. We both stayed awake for the entire movie. Sweet Dreams!

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