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by Joanne on October 31, 2008

Our US MarineHello there.  Yesterday was a long day.  I had to escort some people out to the training range here.  Apparently there was a platoon going through the exercise and they had to stop training.  They came to the grenade portion of the range and someone forgot to pull the pin on the grenade before they threw it.  Next thing you know I get woken up to take EOD to the range so they can get rid of it.  WOW we are so high speed.  TIP OF THE SPEAR!  I was going to call but got really exhausted by the end of it so I just passed out in my room.  I read some of Joanne’s blog and can see the pictures of snowy New York.  That I can safely say I don’t miss.
How’s C-Flex doing.  Is the heat cranking in the shop.  This is the time of year where Wayne is running around with sweatshirts on and Terry still walks around in t-shirts.  Or maybe that’s all year long.  I think I forgot already it has been a long summer.

Also note: For the holiday season, this is the address you can send cards and gifts to Teddy:

Hello Everyone~
Here is the new address for mailing letters and packages to our Marines:
> Marine Rank, Marine Name
> SecFor, Company F, HQ Section
> Unit 43504
> APO AP 96426-3504


This is effective immediately. Thank you!

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