Chest and Biceps

by Joanne on October 29, 2008

Now remember, this is my personal routine and I have been exercising for years. If you give it a try, make sure you are in good health an have checked with your doctor before starting any exercise plan. Also – I am not a fitness professional.

Start with a quick 10 minute run then switch to 20 minutes on Elliptical.

This weight routine will take about 45 minutes working at a quick pace.

Dumbbell Press on Incline Bench

Dumbbell Press on Incline Bench

For your workout today, you will do 4 sets and progressively lower the repetitions as follows: 20-18-15-12 for every exercise.  Start with a lighter weight and go heavier as repetitions decrease.

  • Chest press with bench at a slight incline using a 45 lb long bar. No weight to start then increase weight as the reps. decrease.
  • Flys done on slight incline bench.
  • Chest press using dumbbells on incline bench.
  • Pec. cross overs using cables.
  • Standing Chest press using cables.

Now for biceps – done AFTER you complete the chest workout. Same routine 4 sets x 20-18-15-12. In between your bicep sets, you will work your abs:

  • Bicep curls using cables- both arms together.  For abs, do 4 x 20 crunches on the ball.
  • Bicep curls using rope attachment to cables.  Abs: do 4 x 10 to 15  vertical “V” ups.
  • Standing bicep curls – alternate arms.  Abs:  do 4 x 15 -20 knee push outs and/or “V” ups on bench.

For your cooling down aerobics, a brisk walk is pretty good for about 30 – 35 minutes.  Feelin’ refreshed yet? Good Workout!

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